XRay Ultimate Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Best Xray Texture Pack.

There are many popular texture packs on offer to make the Minecraft gameplay very interesting and entertaining. If you are looking for an out of the world Minecraft gameplay experience that will indulge you to play the game regularly, then check out what the X-Ray resource pack has to offer. This pack is meant for all those Minecraft fans who love to find valuable ores. This pack is the creation of Filmjolk and works perfectly on Minecraft 1.10, 1.9 and its previous versions. Most of the packs will come out with new textures to replace the default texture packs or simple upgrade the default textures, the X-Ray Ultimate pack removes at least 90% of the Minecraft default textures. The mines and the ores are highlighted in its fullest in this pack. You also have the option of stacking this pack on any of your favorite packs on offer. The pack is created to be used with worldpainter caves.

Advantages of a Xray Resource Pack…

The designer has added the highlighted ores and mineral blocks to help all the dirty cheaters to have their way when they play the Minecraft game. You will also find spawners on offer in this pack and if you have OptiFine, then you can also make use of the night vision effect to enjoy the game even better. The X Ray Ultimate texture pack will help you to easily find the valuable ores like diamonds very easily. Finding blocks of diamonds and diamond ores was very difficult originally in Minecraft. There are also many gamers who find it boring to mine out thousands of cobblestones in the game. This pack will offer you the mineral blocks and valuable ores highlighted so that you can easily spot them. You save a lot of time and effort using this pack and you can reach your goal very quickly. This pack also features a night vision effect to give you extra support to find the mineral blocks and diamond ores fast.

Salient features

Below we have created a list with all important features of the Xray Ultimate Texture Pack. Anything missed? Write us a comment!

  • The ores embedded in the stones are highlighted and hence you can easily spot them.
  • The frames of the blocks are clearly visible and this will help you to enjoy easy navigation.
  • You can enjoy a maximum light level so that you are able to spot everything easily. It will be as if the sun is shining brightly on everything and everywhere.
  • This pack is compatible with other Minecraft resource packs on offer.
  • No matter, there is an update done on Minecraft, the X-Ray Ultimate pack will work on updates as well.
  • All the blocks are non transparent and solid in the inventory or when held in your hand.
  • Some of the blocks that you can easily see include: glow stone, red stone lamp, monster eggs, sponge, sea stone lantern and wet sponge.

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