Why not let me play Minecraft Online or Multiplayer? – Solution Error Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the best titles that exist in the sandbox genre for a long time. This like any other game gives you the ability to connect to your community servers and play online. So with that in mind today will be resolved at the doubt, Why not let me play Minecraft online or multiplayer? Why not let me play Minecraft Online or Multiplayer? – Solution Error Minecraft

Why Minecraft not let me play online or multiplayer

The first thing you have to keep in mind to answer the question Why Minecraft will not let me play? online or multiplayer? , it is that they can be many reasons for this problem arising, and also depends on the Minecraft version you’re using (PC, Xbox or mobile). For this reason, it is now trying to explain a solution for every error in their respective versions, placing those that are most recommended in the official community forums of the game.

Minecraft for PC

in the case of the version of the game of Mojang for PC, it is very unlikely to give you error when you try to play multiplayer or two people or more, however, can also happen and that is the following:

battle night in minecraft

If you’re a pirate player or your version is not Premium, you will have access to the servers Premium that the game has, so if you’re trying to get in there it is obvious that will be impossible.

a Premium be and present the error, it is likely that the problem staying on servers in the game or Mojang (this pass very often), so just have to wait to them solve.

It may also be that the distance between your router PBX and server is too large, which causes have a very high PING and time response from the server runs out before you can get into it.

to fix this you or change your connection or consult the company of the game for solutions. And finally, as if none of the above applies to you, try updating the game to the new version along with java, or deleting and uninstalling the game, because it can be a corrupt file. < h2> Minecraft mobile

If you are having problems in your version of the game to the phone, chances are that it is a problem of servers Microsoft or Xbox Live, so it will not be able to solve it you .

However, you can try to change your password in Minecraft.net. This solution is for when you can not log into Minecraft but it can also be effective when playing online. Also try clearing the app cache, for this go to «Settings» within mobile, then «Application Manager» searches the game and give the < strong> «Clear cache».

Minecraft for Xbox

to finish answering the question Why Minecraft does not let me play online or multiplayer? < / strong>, we must speak now of the console version. If your problem is Xbox should know that it can also be treated as the other problem on servers, in this case Xbox Live (however, see to stay on should idly Search How log on to Xbox Live if I can not go?).

 red lever control

But if what you see is that the error is privacy settings of your account (which is the most common). Then you have the following:

Go to xbox.com on the PC and log, when you select your gamertag in, then press the «More options» and then «Settings Xbox». Choose section «Security and privacy online,» within this select options «Security line of Xbox One / Windows 10» < / strong> or « Privacy «.

There changes and updates the configuration by enabling everything and then hit « Save «. This should solve the problem. You can also edit your birth date and replace it with an adult if you are a child (can only be done from the tutor account).

That latter that the question Why Minecraft do not let me play online or multiplayer? it has been answered. In which case it is not resolved call the support number of Xbox coming out on this page (that’s what most recommended in all forums).

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