Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels? – Know the Answer

Minecraft is the best sandbox game history and it is the best selling worldwide title. This has earned its reputation for many reasons, but one of the main is her unique aesthetic made with pictures (and also the fact that it is so customizable that even can do or create a skin); with that in mind today the question will answer Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels?

Everyone has wondered this at the least once in your life. Yes that is one of the biggest questions of many children and adults who are addicted to this title so interesting. This is no wonder, because it was the first game in history to present such graphs to look so good with only one way. Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels? – Know the Answer

Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels

To go directly to the grain the answer to the question Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels? ?, is very simple, because notch of the game creator wanted it that way (for more context should look more who is the creator of Minecraft specifically and life). What mining and survival him out of a title called Infiniminer, but the aesthetics of the game tables was because he wanted it that way.

However, this was not a whim, but he he realized that what was missing to the industry at that time, was a simple title that would give players a way to express themselves without restrictions. He himself said in his own words in an interview that A simple and dynamic game was the one that had the potential to become a success

remember that at that time the companies were basing its focus on quality games with more graphics. So the impact of see a game pixels and single frame shook the gaming community .

We must also say that the game has this geometric figure because it is what it fits better construction methods it employs. You can literally do everything with pictures. And by the way, for creators at the time was an advantage that the game was to pixels and did not weigh much, because that trimmed development costs.

Success story

with the foregoing and I was answered the question Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels? now it’s time you see the evolution of the title. Minecraft is a worldwide success, this is so great that in 2019 tetris dethroned as the best selling game in history.

And although at this time is successful, it was not always so. For those who do not know, the beta came out in 2009 with most began, was financed almost by fans with the system early access, which gave them entrance to the betas of the game.

This gave developers the feedback they needed to take early version, which end of love everyone

Markus Persson (creator) better known as notch , an icon turned to the gaming community. Since he and his team were integrated into the community immediately resolving all doubts, for in 2011 to make the official game.

It goes without saying that the title was a success since its output, which notch was able to create his own company called Mojang.

Thanks to its success, was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, which gave him even more financial power and achievement that game jump from PC to mobile and Xbox one. So now there is none so several sets of Minecraft, which it is necessary to know, and for that we should look for how many games Minecraft there and what each one?

With that last you know the story behind the success and it was answered fully the question Why in Minecraft everything is square or pixels ?, Now you just have to go to the official website and get the version of the game you want.

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