Who is the Creator of Minecraft? – Read the story of how it was created Minecraft

Minecraft is possibly one of the games most famous and best-known throughout the Internet community. If you have not played, you probably know someone who does play it. At his peak and he got fame, many ask: Who is the creator of Minecraft? Read the story of how Minecraft was created. Who is the Creator of Minecraft? – Read the story of how Minecraft

Who is the creator of Minecraft was created

The creator of Minecraft was unveiled to all players and fans of the game by a pseudonym which is Notch. His real name is Markus Persson, and is of Swedish origin, since it was born in Stockholm. Since I was a very young age proved to have a lot of talent and skills computer.

He was interested in processes most basic programming for devices 8-bit, and managed to dominate at the age of only 7 years.
in fact, started as a programmer in simple codes from the family computer which available at the time. From that moment, he strove to improve their computer skills on their own self-taught.
Something that many do not know is the fact that your first game created based text and simple codes , so we’re talking about someone who could easily be a prodigy.

Animal Minecraft

Thanks to Markus Alexej Persson, today we can enjoy one of the best deliveries have independent video games worldwide. However, the story itself Minecraft is so inspiring and interesting as that of the beloved developer Notch.

About the story of how Minecraft

created In the words of Markus, he always he knew he wanted to create games, and acted accordingly with that desire. As their increased skills, first tested a game «indie» or independent called Infiniminer, which served as inspiration for the graphic style and jugbailidad Minecraft.

Influenced by other popular titles such as Dwarf Zone 3 and Dungeon Keeper, he decided to work in a «game clone» on their own. In your YouTube account, he published a «gameplay» or video of «Let’s play» in which tried and showed the progress of his creation, which he called «Cave Game Tech Test.» Under this name, the project continued to develop.
Shortly after that, our beloved Notch launched a demo version of the game in a forum for independent developers. The game generated a very positive response, and led the entire community to build structures and mind-bogglingly clever creations. Gradually they were added animals, trees, different materials and others.

However, Notch decided to create his own company called Mojang, which would be a useful tool for further development of Minecraft. Update after update were added tools such as spades and pickaxes, dynamite, enemies, and different game modes. can now even put in Minecraft minigames very easily.

Create farm in Minecraft

the player Internet community did its job to give popularity to the game until YouTubers exploded all features, including multiplayer with two or more players. After years of success, Notch decided to sell their game to the company Microsoft, which have managed to improve gradually but almost perfectly.

Is it worth playing Minecraft?

While games independent not usually the favorite game genres people in general, there are some gems that stand out. Minecraft can easily be called the best jewel between independent games. is the most bought and distributed worldwide video game and with more updates per year that can be downloaded and free installed on the PC.

Anyone can enjoy combat monsters, to crops, farms, search for hidden minerals in mines and other dangerous. But it is best that no matter how old someone has, you can always play Minecraft and spend a pleasant and very stressing while

From building your house, make an epic mansion, a castle or fortress.; to go to other dimensions to prove your worth, it’s a large universe of possibilities. Without any doubt, this gem is worth in every way and deserves the success that has and probably maintained.

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