Who is Null in Minecraft and this entity Invoking dangerous? [Example]

Null is one of the great legends in Minecraft. Have emerged unimaginable number of stories about this character and many players have tried to summon even though it is a dangerous entity. Who is Null in Minecraft and Invoking this entity Perilous ?

who is Null?

for those who do not know the legend of Null This is a mod of Minecraft totally black. No texture or face. It was first seen in 2014.

Its name comes partly because when you are near objects such as posters with the word null. Their behavior is hostile . Initially seem to do nothing, but will do everything in its power to miss the game.

The translation of null in Spanish is null, invalid or does not exist but there are many players who claim to have seen. the funny thing is that there is no mod in the game with Null name.

There is another legend that says that a failure of the game caused by a programming error by developers. Although this version seems a bit illogical.

Skills of a Null

Because of its great power it is presumed that if the true boss Minecraft . Has the power to lnvisibilidad and can manipulate their environment, in fact, when he appears struck by lightning and a storm nearby.

has the ability to destroy an entire world and manipulate its environment. had much popularity in 2017 appeared Female Null, a female version of this dark entity. She can kill players in one fell swoop, communicate with them, appear in chats and destroy worlds.

How to invoke a Null

If you’ve done your homework and make delved into the chat of the game about Null you know that there are several versions of the ritual to invoke . Usually dark materials and the element is present in all invocations is the head of Null.

What do I need to invoke the Null?

  • Head Null
  • Lighter or torch
  • carbon blocks
  • Blocks ground
  • Blocks emerald

forget wear protection , because at the time to call upon the Null will wake up wanting to destroy you. Can have a diamond armor, sword, bow and arrows.

It is worth having food or recover golden apple . Be aware that you have a lot of power and every attack you will weaken.

Start ritual

Place the carbon blocks cross and sides of the emerald blocks. In the center of the cross must you put two blocks of land on top of each other. Some choose to place books spell, but is up to you.

Take head Null and place it on the block of land. Now comes the interesting part, turn the head of Null with the lighter or torch.

All begin to burn and will be the time you have to run for your life . Cease fire only when you see the shape of a cross and everything will be very strange.

Other entities in Minecraft

Surely you’ve heard of other legends like Herobrine or entity 303. are those creepypasta that give a touch of mystery and makes it more attractive. Few have seen and although it is not on the list if there are mobs

Herobrine. is a hostile entity vindictive nature. Those who have seen it say it can kill you in one hit. It looks like a human, but with white eyes and tends to make constructions chance as pyramids

Entity 303. This entity has no face and only you can appreciate the eyes red and a white dress. The story goes that is the vengeance of an employee of Minecraft who was fired and created entity 303.

If lightning strikes strong in your world, with a cross on the ground, you’re probably in the presence of the entity 303. will damage your gameplay or worse your house will begin to catch fire.

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