Where To Find Diamonds in Minecraft? How to Get Many Diamonds

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Diamonds: We all know and all we want. Diamond can create very strong armor, spikes and Netherite manage to break Obsidiana and swords that cause much harm to anyone. So today we show Where to find diamonds Minecraft ? and how to get many diamonds. Find Diamonds in Minecraft? How to Get Many Diamonds

About diamonds

To catch a fish, you must first know where he lives and what you eat, so choose the place and the right bait. Similarly, before mining diamonds should know where they are and what things you should consider. There are only two ways to get diamonds (without cheating). Undermining , and finding chests

Finding diamonds chests is very difficult, the odds are very low. The only boxes where you have high chance of finding diamonds is treasures buried (53%), Cities of the End (21%) and strengths of the Nether (19%). < p> so in this tutorial we focus on mining. Diamonds are extracted from a block called «Mena Diamond» . These are generated randomly in the groups 1 to 10, every 16 blocks, between 1-15 layers.

To understand this, you understand the concepts of Height Chunks ; we recommend reviewing the encyclopedia you speak about Minecraft for you to learn about these issues. If you’re new to the game, you need to know is that diamonds are only generated in the 15 deeper blocks game

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Be prepared to undermine

There are several ways of diamond mining but all are dangerous for one or more reasons. So you need a frame , preferably iron and a sword. Diamonds can only be pierced with a spike iron . So make sure you have several, so that if one breaks, so even can come back with your diamonds.

Each loose mena a single diamond, but you can increase that number with the incantation «Fortuna» for this you need to make a table enchantments. If you get in a chest a peak with this enchantment, save it for diamonds.

If you want to know more about the enchanted books in Minecraft, then we recommend that you click here.

You’ll spend a lot of time underground before getting diamonds. In fact, during mining you’ll find gold and other materials will also be useful. It is why we take you enough food . You can also take milk because it serves as an antidote to the poison of spiders cave. You can take Wood to make peaks and a trough of water to avoid burn to death in lava, if you find it.

Types of Mining

There are several ways to mine for diamonds. They all have pros and cons. We can not talk in great detail of each, but I describe them for you to develop your own style of mining.


Spelunking, Caving, or spelunking , it is the most obvious way to get minerals. Involves finding a deep cave and navigate it down to the bottom, where they are diamonds.

It’s the easiest way to find diamonds, but as you only see the walls of the cave, you will not find many of this shape. However, it is a fun way to undermine

Tip. Put the torches on one side of the cave, so you know where you came from and you will not miss. We also recommend that you learn to use the secondary hand to bring torches and place them on the wall quickly.


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The fastest way to find diamonds is to create your own tunnels. Use your peak to create a ladder until you have reached the last 15 blocks.

Note that downstream of the block 11 there are oceans of lava, so it is advisable maintained between block 11 and 16. There are many ways to mine tunnels. In this article we recommend only one. This is a very effective way to get diamonds.

Involves reach block 11 and begin to tunnel height of 2 1 wide. Cava this tunnel for a while. When you feel that is quite long, returns to the beginning of the tunnel and start digging tunnels in the walls. Tunnels walls can be long you want, and between each other, the ideal distance is 2 or 3 blocks, but may be more if you want.

Other ways < p> over the years, players have developed many methods, we could never cover in this article, which only speaks of our personal experience.

we recommend that you look and read the encyclopedia mentioned for to learn about the many ways to find diamonds.

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