Where and How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft and what is it? – Uses Bamboo (Examples)

Character and bamboo Minecraft

Bamboo is an important plant and the like gunpowder, present in Minecraft, has multiple uses and various ways of achieving this. This plant was introduced in version 1.14 of the game but can be somewhat difficult to find the object. Where and How to Find Bamboo Minecraft and what is it? – Uses Bamboo

No doubt some of the easiest ways to get bamboo is in some forests, villages or near rivers. However, this article will tell you how to get bamboo very easily and in large quantities.

Similarly’ll be so familiar with the different uses of this plant has and the importance that should be stock up on a lot of bamboo . It is also important to know how to plant for units without having to go to distant places at different times.

Where to find bamboo?

As mentioned above, there are several sites where you can get good amounts of bamboo such as villages or near rivers, however, the best place to get this important plant is in the jungles .

start worlds as many times as you want until appear near a jungle. Once you get deep into it will find large bamboo forests where you can take huge amounts of this plant and then to use it as fuel, such as food for pandas and even as a stick.

How to plant bamboo?

once you’ve picked up the bamboo jungles you can plant it very easy to get more profit and be available forever.

 image of a bamboo in minecraft

Having a plantation is very important in fact, since he left the bamboo plant has become a highly prized as works as a fuel . A bamboo can be planted in sand, dirt, grass, gravel and red sand.

plant can bamboo and this will grow slowly with the passage of time or you can make it grow with bone powder or other bamboo.

However, a good recommendation is that collecting bamboo the first seeded plant leaves, so that this again automatically grow without planting another plant bamboo.

this can thus have large amounts of bamboo will grow and we cut when we want and the same time not having to sow again.

uses of bamboo < / h2>

as mentioned above, bamboo has many utilities , but in lines general serves as fuel, as decoration, for cultivation or as a tool to tame pandas.

Use as a fuel

with regard to fuel, bamboo plants can be used as fuel in hor we , so that each unit bamboo can melt 25% of an object if it is you are in nature.

Basically need 4 units of bamboo for cook a chop , for example. While a scaffold can cook 6 chops.

On the other hand, if it is converted into bamboo stick will be able to melt 50% of an object. It depends on the taste of each person like me melt. In its natural state will consume many units, however, we can always pick up a lot more for our plantations or bamboo forests.

The bamboos grow from 12 to 16 blocks high , so you can easily replace this plant; however, it is advisable to grow as much as possible is left under it, at least 9 blocks.

Decorative Applications

Another use that has bamboo is decorative. No less interesting and useful because we can crafting items such as scaffolding or sticks . Similarly we can raise in pots or trees in your own garden.

pandas in a habitat bamboo minecraft

to domesticate and play pandas

on the other hand, not many know that bamboo can be used to make < strong> pandas reproduce . To this must be planted 8 units bamboo divided into two units by plants around the pandas.

These bamboos must be maximum planted five blocks away, otherwise it has no effect and will not play. Then we will have to bamboo to give each of the pandas and they will play and have a baby. Also, if you feed the young bamboo, they will grow much faster.

Other Applications

The bamboo can be used for break sand at the same the torch. Similarly, the bamboo sword breaks easily.

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