What other games there like him Minecraft? Android, PS4 and PC

There is now a growing inclination and interest in games where you can build, create all kinds of weapons and explore. All to the very style of Minecraft, a famous game on the internet and you can now learn about other variants. That is why the next article will show What other games there like Minecraft? Android, PS4 and PC.

This game is based essentially on the creating worlds  using different tools and potions magic and the use of an endless pile of blocks.

These could have different textures and different materials in their composition. But we also ought to know how to survive in these worlds and set up certain objectives as key to your survival.

This game has been so successful and has brought together millions of users worldwide it is now imitated by others many developers creating titles for different consoles in the world. But the truth is that despite the copies you may have this game, its essence is unique, where you can do everything you plant a tree and accelerate their growth.

What other games there like Minecraft

Although it is true that there are a lot of poor quality copies on the net trying to deliver the excitement and creativity of Minecraft.  in this delivery we do not focus on those which in our opinion emulate this successful game. And then we’ll show What other games there like Minecraft? Android, PS4 and PC.

and to start our journey to see what other games are like Minecraft and this time for PS4 consoles, you mention DragonQuestBuilders. And you will realize this game comes from the famous franchise creator Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball . Where you find various materials to construct your buildings.

But offers an artistic design impressive, plus a well-established history, so do not miss this interesting version of Minecraft.

Now we present the second proposal and is Cube World, where a bit is changed the original version and you can face with monsters terrible, is very dynamic and you can explore fantastic worlds very well designed.

like I have said is very different from the Minecraft to which you are accustomed to and can belong to different races and fight with rival nations.

If you are someone that you like fights it will be very entertaining for you. But if you prefer a game where the essence of Minecraft is maintained and you can build and let your imagination, surely you will not like.

More games that emulate Minecraft

Another interesting proposal could not be another Lego Worlds and a world where you will use the blocks expected to bequeath what we are used to. It is available for all video game consoles and mobile version. In this game, you can not just construct buildings at your leisure, you can also destroy them and enjoy great entertainment.

Now you will name a game for our criteria, keep the best similarity to Minecraft. And Mini World, where one of his best attributes is that you can download for free from its Web site and available for mobile devices like Android and PC. It has the same exciting component of the original game.

Where you can build, use different types of blocks for this, as for example anvils or face crafting stunning Beasts. Really, this game will give you lots of fun and Minecraft will not miss much. Now we will show our latest recommendation for no less important for that.

And is Terraria, also emulates very well Minecraft and is a game style Sandbox  action adventure but in two dimensions, which is perhaps his most notable difference. But rest going you will realize almost the same, build, create weapons, explore and face different opponents. And it is available for PC, PS4 and mobile devices like Android.

And so we conclude our journey, where we could show just some of the many games that try to emulate the successful Minecraft. And now you know There are other games like Minecraft.

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