What Minimum requirements need to play Minecraft on my PC or Mobile?

Minecraft is a game featuring mainly construction with diversities of resources and playing in an open world . It was developed by the company Mojang. It has several versions of game among which survival, extreme, spectator, adventure even custom modes.

The game is based on the building blocks and subsequent destruction, plus the player himself is responsible for searching and get the tools. Also it can be translated that the game is a mine of resources to create what you want.

Minecraft: Minimum requirements to play on PC

it should be noted that versions of Minecraft have a number of requirements established at least to enjoy the game open world. In addition the requirements for playing Minecraft Java and needed to play with Minecraft Windows 10. In this way can determine if your PC has the necessary conditions to download the game or not. You can download the latest version.

Initially to play Minecraft you have a number of requirements which mentioned below. First you must have higher processor 1.5 GHz  or better per-core, in terms of RAM should be at the least 1 GB  for Windows XP.

in turn if you are working with Windows 7 is recommended that memory RAM is 2 GB, either system 32 or 64 bits. For Windows Vista must be 2.0 GB of RAM. Also graphics must endure the least OpenGL 1.4  or better so you can have a good performance.

In addition to the space on your hard disk must have as at least 1 free GB, so it will not inconvenience. These are the minimum requirements to play Minecraft in low rendering, as to the version of Java should be Java 6 Release 45.

It also should be noted that there are Recommended requirements  which the computer must have. But it should be noted that the requirements of java are practically with any computer account.

Minecraft is considered the king of the low-end dominates all games, has good performance and is creative. Should be considered that the requirements go according to updates of the game.

Meet the minimum requirements for playing in Windows 10 and mobile

First it should be noted that the version of Windows 10 has a different engine to the version of Java, therefore should meet the minimum requirements that must have to enjoy Minecraft on your PC.

this is mainly due have an Intel CPU Celeron J4105, the minimum RAM should be 4 GB. It must also contain ARM, x64, x86 architecture graphics card should be minimal, Intel HD 4000 graphics  additionally can count on any version of W10 either 14393 or later.  on the other hand to play Minecraft on a mobile device must have augmented reality technology and you must verify that the device is in the list of Arcore. This for Android.

Mobile devices For this reason it is important to understand that not all devices have the capacity to download Minecraft. Also the launch of the game for mobile devices was in the 2019 game Minecraft Earth

If you have an iOS device must ensure that it is in the list Arkit. Some of the devices if supported are: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, among others

In short can. enjoy Minecraft on different mobile devices or PC considering the minimum requirements that account each to perform the downloading and installation to have a good time fun with the game cube.

note that to play the latest version or in this case play with Ray-Tracing much higher requirements are needed that can find easily online with more information. This time we show the minimum and playing with the graphics to a minimum.

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