What Minecraft is better, the java or Windows 10? – Differences

In case you wonder Minecraft is better, the java or Windows 10?, we recommend carefully read the following guide which speak of the respect that you come to the conclusion what is the ideal version of Minecraft

versions of Minecraft

Many users are wondering what is the best version to play Minecraft on the PC. Currently there are two versions of the video game Minecraft computer, called Java version  and the version for Windows 10. The truth is that both versions have their advantages and disadvantages, so choosing each is purely personal.

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java is known as the version original Minecraft.  This is the game as it was devised as at its beginning. If you know the story of how it was created Minecraft understand why its creator decided to use this environment.

While this version has received substantial improvements over the years, the truth is that it has certain shortcomings in regarding the version of Windows 10, but do not mistake you, as also the version of Java has positives  that might get your attention.

Minecraft Windows 10

The new version of Minecraft is designed specifically for the Windows 10 operating system and features several improvements that make it a more convenient option, especially if you want to play with people from other platforms, because it has Crossplay. in any case, also it has its disadvantages, which is something you should look.

then we will make a comparison between the versions existing s Minecraft, so you can conclude what is the best for you.

What Minecraft is better, the java or Windows 10?

To choose the best version of Minecraft will be necessary to analyze certain points, aspects that could be relevant depending on the type of user you are. Given this, we have created a comparative  where you talk about graphics, about the possibility of playing between different consoles (crossplay), mods and many other relevant factors within the game.


Applications contrived in Java have a bad reputation for having a not very outstanding performance. This has been the case with Minecraft, since despite being relatively lightweight, presents certain problems. Either way, users can optimize and improve performance in Minecraft through the various options presented in its configuration.

With the exit of the application designed specifically for Windows 10 have solved these problems and performance general level of the new version is considerably higher. For this reason, if you have an old computer, it would be best to have the official version for the operating system Windows.


You must understand that Windows 10 version of Minecraft is fairly recent, so many upgrades and mods are not available. On the other hand, the Java version of Minecraft, features lots of changes  and possibilities.

discussed above results it is possible to install very interesting mods graphics, by which version of Java for the moment remains the most recommended in case you want to have a more modern graphics performance.


Minecraft would see the light in 2010 specifically for computers, so never use controls contemplated, at least not in the original version. In any case, this will change with the release of Minecraft for Windows 10, which natively integrates the ability to use controls.

Game Cruzado

Is possibly the limiting most important factor in this race, for in relation to this code in the version of Java, the crossover game, also known as Crossplay is not possible.

Moreover, the version of Windows 10 lets you play with people from other devices, is on Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and iOS.

for this reason if you is looking to play with friends is the most recommended version of Windows 10, because it lets you play with people regardless of the console using. You can download this version on the Microsoft website. While the Java version available on the site’s website Minecraft can only play with other PC users who use this version.

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