What is the Potato Poisonous, Poisoned or Podrida in Minecraft?

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The way how you interact with a game is a vital part of the same, as does the experience play it much more enjoyable and fun. The way a player has to interact with the world around them can be easily portrayed through the popular game Minecraft.

Minecraft is a kind sandbox game adventure where the player within the creative or survival mode of the game; It is put in a randomly generated world to the and where you can basically do whatever you want. In the world, you can do a little of everything, but the basis of the game is to collect all kinds of resources and use them to make from very small to make really hard structures things. What is the Potato Poison, Poisoned or Podrida in Minecraft?

in Minecraft, you have much to interact, since being a big world in which is placed the player, it has lots of things to do from the start. The player can cut trees for wood, making tools to defend themselves and obtain new resources, and more.

Actually, Minecraft is one of those games that has led the interaction to another level , because the player can interact with basically all you can see. Since the plants that can be used for decoration, even animals that can be tamed and taken within a farm for shelter, food or transportation.

To survive is imperative that the player can interact with their surroundings and all these objects, as there are all kinds of monsters that can threaten your life and must eat to survive day by having. But, if you’re playing Minecraft and you’ve come across a poisoned potato, maybe you should better think about your food choices.

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What is a poisoned potato?

in the survival mode Minecraft one of the main goals is to stay alive, and this is done by keeping the life bar full at all times. This is done in different ways, as when the player is damaged in any way, your life bar fills depending on the level of hunger you have a player.

That is why it is important that the player you can eat food whenever hunger bar falls, which is shown as hams or pork legs on the screen. There are different foods that can be eaten, from bread to bacon cooked. But there are certain foods that can be a little more questionable as meat zombie or poisoned potato.

The potato poisoning is a food that can rarely get harvesting a crop of potatoes or destroy it. It differs from normal potatoes because of their greenish color and the effect it can have on the player.

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What is a poisoned potato?

A potato served poisoned as nothing more than an instant food, we say this because it can not be cooked, combined with something else or used in a composter. In the eat the poisoned potato colon hunger are restored, but there are up to 60% chance to poison the player momentarily but causing it to lose 4 points of life , or two hearts.

in a curious way, the poisoned potato can recover much more hunger player common potato, so it can be a valuable resource if you do not have access to other types of food within the game.

for the rest, it is recommended that the potato is discarded or saved for times of emergency where more food could not have, but you have to consider your danger of poisoning produced, which can be fatal if it is with very low life points.

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