What is the command to always be day or night in Minecraft? – Minecraft Cheats

Commands day and night minecraft

You would like to change the Minecraft time? then you should read carefully the following information that will show What is the command to always be day or night in Minecraft? – Tricks Minecraft and the process to switch between day and night within popular this game What is the command to always be day or night in Minecraft.? – Tricks Minecraft

cycle changes and Minecraft

A the same as many games today, Minecraft has the change of cycle between night and day, something that is especially noticeable in survival mode. In any case it is advisable to know the time in Minecraft and modify this parameter very easily through various options.

Through the following guide will show you the process so you can change between day and night and even make it always is day or night, depending on what you seek. Read carefully the following information.

What is the command to always be day or night in Minecraft? – Tricks Minecraft

The console command is present in many video games and usually is useful to change internal parameters of the title, applying tricks and other factors, the same is true with Minecraft .

a the open and activate the command console in Minecraft can access many hidden settings for users, through it is possible blocks appear, change characteristics of the game and even change cycles overnight and day . As you can imagine, is a very useful tool for many users.

 All night time Minecraft

How the command console is used?

Utilities console commands are undeniable, but now surely you ask the process to open the console within the game. The truth is that it is quite simple, all you have to do is press the «T» key. Similarly it is highly recommended that you have enabled the option of tricks to use this console.

In relation to what I mentioned earlier, the tricks are activated when a new world is created, so in many circumstances will need to start an new item before you start using the console commands to change parameters and issues related to the game.

switch between day and night very easily

  1. once you’re in the game, the first thing you should do is open the command console to do the «T» key is used.
  2. we will use the console get the so-called «Block command», the process is simple just need to type the following, where «name» must put your user Minecraft «/ give name 137», after writing the press code «enter».
  3. a performing the above process will get the «Block commands» which allow you to change parameters of the game ma Nera simple.
  4. It is best that ubiques two blocks of separate commands on the floor, this can so activate both night time and daytime.

    Set command blocks

    1. Place yourself in the block you want to activate the day mode, just go to him and click. As you can see, the display space is displayed to put the console commands, you must write the following «set time day».
    2. On the other hand, need to repeat the process with the block to activate night mode, the process is the same, go to the block, press on it and writes in space for the command «time set night».
    3. the last step is to apply a pressure plate on each of command blocks, activating night mode and day mode will give you a step on both the surface of each block, this can swap mode between day and night very easily.

      for the process to be repeated automatically, you used rail assembly driven by Redstone, in other words make a repeater and comparator Redstone in Minecraft. Either way, they will appear on screen notifications constant, so we believe that it is best to use the system in its simplest level.

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