What is the best version to play Minecraft on the PC?

Fund Minecraft game

The game has two open worlds Currently versions for both PC and game version. Importantly, each with its own characteristics and fit well depending on the computer with which count in addition to its operating system.

So you can meet each versions of the most popular game today and find out which is best suited to your computer if you want to be a user of Minecraft. Below is the details that count both versions. What is the best version to play Minecraft on the PC?

Minecraft on PC has two versions what is the best?

Initially it should be noted that Minecraft has two versions which are:. Java Edition that is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and the other version is Windows 10 Edition is available for your own operating system.

Minecraft Java Edition

it is important to mention that all depends on the computer you count and OS because if you have traditional computers can have the first version. Since it is compatible with older versions of Windows.

Therefore, if you count the new version of Windows will enjoy Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. It should also be noted that both versions of both Windows allow java multiplatform game. But if you java you can not play against a Windows user and vice versa.

It should be noted that the best version is Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, since it can be used in mobile versions as well as consoles. Thus a user can play with Windows 10 other containing these devices. In turn, the java user can not do, for this reason the Windows 10 version works with editing Bedrock

 Minecraft Bedrock

Only you decide what is the best version, because with Windows 10 can play with users other platforms, stressing that have that operating system. Because if accounts with MacOS, Linux or earlier Windows can enjoy the java version. In addition if you want to customize your must game to have java.

Find out which is the best version of Minecraft to play

In Minecraft can find the best version, which gives you more FPS and that is more optimized for the server. So explain two versions of the game, which are 1.7 and 1.8 to bring out your own conclusions and you obtain the best version.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the version 1.8 is the latest but it eliminated the animated version which makes the game look a little different. Noting that since the first version to 1.7 game contained plug-in animation.

version 1.7 provides more FPS but 1.8 is more optimized, are more stable . In turn, the first version helps a lot to the players on the theme of «stick» because the plug-in makes you believe you are pasting into reality.

As for the issue of records hits and cane best in the 1.7, since the mechanics of 1.7 are better. So if you face a player 1.8 will probably win.

Also in version 1.8 you will find that animations incantations are more effect HD , many users you can the new version seems uncomfortable. It should be mentioned that in version 1.8 changed the configuration of Minecraft to better navigate the issue of chunks and raise FPS.

The versions are updated, and at some point will be left aside for 1.7 as completely past has with all versions. So if you have a good computer for now can continue with this version as gradually adapt to the new addition will find versions 1.9 and 1.10 with new features.

Finally we hope that this served him for help. However, we like to know your opinion considers Which version is the best to play Minecraft on the PC? Leave your answer in the comments.

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