What I win or Remove Command Experience in Minecraft?

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Having a command experience in Minecraft has become a method or trick to getting pushed in this area, becoming quite used by a variety of players, then the difficulties of survival mode may encourage it.

in case you do not know, < strong> that bar with levels above your inventory use fast has more utilities you can imagine, and if you already have a table of incantations or an anvil certainly know how valuable that can be. What command can I remove or gain experience in Minecraft?

Why use this command?

the command experience in Minecraft maintains a popularity quite mixed among users, because their effect gives too many facilities who use it, and a lot of players strongly believes in hard work in the Game o.

The truth is that when you start using first experience in Minecraft, the relationship between spending and collecting it is quite uneven, ie much more than what is spent that what you get for a while playing, and can be quite frustrating at times not have enough, so, many are turning to the command.

Winning Minecraft experience for many users it is somewhat complicated, but it really is simple, since only must collect orbs or work more in the works and works Minecraft. Gaining more experience can achieve the highest level of the game.

If you need to work with more animals, materials and tools we recommend downloading mods on any version of Minecraft you have.

How do I use the command experience in Minecraft?

First of all, you should know that to use this command, you must have the «Cheat» mode active during the game. Process that can just before you start, in advanced creation options by pressing «yes» in the box that says «Allow cheat».

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Now, if you already you created your world for quite a while and progress some have, and accumulated things, it is normal not want to lose any of this, and still be able to use the tricks in the game, this, fortunately, has a simple solution. < / p>

All you have to do is open the menu of the game by pressing «Esc» and select the option that says «LAN» to doing so, see two options. These are the gameplay and permission command within it, you must adjust the latter to true or «yes» to use freely shortcuts.

Once you have on «cheat mode», and can have a lot of tricks that has the game and, of course, use the command experience in Minecraft, which is the most interesting on this occasion.

in this sense, you start by pressing «T», then, as all shortcut this game, you should proceed writing a «/» for it to take effect and after this character, you will write the word experience abbreviated, ie «xp» followed by a space and finally the number of levels you want to be added to the bar which can be 10, 100 or want.

I want to reduce the experience, how do I do?

If something is known about the Minecraft, is that just as there are effects positive, there are also negative, it is cir, which normally can activate a rule or standard of the game, but you can also disable it using the same method.


in short, just as there is a command experience in Minecraft, which can bestow different levels, there is one that can reduce the amount by choosing need to strip your character.

And, of course, can do it in the same way as in the previous step, starting with press «T» on the keyboard to open the dialog box, which also functions as a console, and enter the shortcut that you used previously to increase the experience «/ xp» but. This time, with a little difference.

Instead of placing the number positive, for example «/ xp 10» must do sandwiching a negative symbol before the number. Something like this:. «/ xp -10» A pressing «Enter» to be worth the command, see how immediately, be subtracted from levels total to you indicated. Which in this case is 10.

To facilitate your use in Minecraft opens and activates the command console in the game, this can be done from any platform.

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