What are the main characters in Minecraft? What are bad and which ones are good?

main characters in Minecraft

Minecraft has been characterized as a open world game and is composed of multiple characters that make the game dynamic. However, there are several characters that have a major role so you can find great villains or allies. What are the main characters in Minecraft? What are bad and which ones are good?

main characters in Minecraft

Within the game there are several characters to highlight the creatures or monsters. Your goal is to create environment for the character to improve their skills in the game and achieve goals as you go.

These creatures are always exposed and can be divided into three categories according to their behavior : hostile, neutral and passive. These characters tend to drop experiences and objects after being eliminated.

In the whole world there are players that stand out more than others. Another can not miss is Steve or the main character of this game and another legend that has been the talk between users of Minecraft.


Better known as the player is the generic character to which all players have access to create your customized avatar. The original version is shown as a character with dark skin, dark hair and black eyes.

 main characters in Minecraft Steve

Because of its popularity there is a female version called Alex with green eyes and blond hair. Both the can customize as you like.

Ender Dragon

top leader in Minecraft and has a lot of obsidian which is regenerated each time that it is attacked. Has the strongest attack mobs, you have the ability to fly and is the hardest to kill.

Despite being the strongest you can defeat. After being eliminated releases a dragon egg and 50 levels of experience.


Considered a hostile creature and one of the leaders. It is a dead creature that floats and has the ability to throw skulls exploit other creatures or players. It is a mobs generated by the player and frees 50 more experience points a star Nether to the defeated being.


A character quite controversial and considered a legendary creature. Although not officially in the game, many users say that if there is.

it looks like a human, but with the ability to build complex structures . Also it tends to take revenge on the players to the traps set him to lose their belongings.

Creatures in Minecraft

To make the atmosphere pleasant and represents a challenge for players there are a variety of creatures besides the main characters. Some may appear as aggressive from the start and others may react according to your actions.

 Creatures in Minecraft

hostile creatures

They are completely aggressive and tend to attack you as you get close and have a chance. The best known are the Creeper are a time bomb and more aggressive.

The level of difficulty can vary as witches throwing potions, but are weak in combat , or bandits who pursue you until you face them. Either way you will make life impossible.

Creatures neutral

Most of these creatures is quiet at first glance. Usually react if attacked or provoked and become a hostile creature.

Some of them become aggressive by a indirect action. As is the If bee attacks if you destroy a nearby hive or honey recolectas.

Creatures passive

they do not represent any danger to players. If attacked as usual is looking escape . The advantage of these creatures is that you can domesticate and even play. There are some that are quite popular among users such as pigs or cattle.

Creatures generated by users < / h3>

players also can create your own creatures in creatively using generators eggs or / summon. Most popular are the iron golem and snow.

The function of the golem is protect the player or villagers being attacked by hostile creatures. It also has the ability to build villages as directed by the player.

It is very strong so you can repel strong attacks. is perfect to face the bosses like Enderman and Ender Dragon.

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