What are the Best Minecraft Seeds? – We bring the Secret

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Are you one of those who love adventures in Minecraft? Then you are in the right place. This article will show you some of the best seeds that exist in Minecraft and do you live incredible adventures. Minecraft has become the most popular video game market, why? Many are the reasons that led to the top 1. However, you can expand your knowledge about this game investigating What is Minecraft and why this game is so popular?

We’ll show you what the seed and what are the coordinates to find villages, temples, mansions and even a bounty of gold. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to up your experience fighting with different monsters in the dungeons. It’s amazing functions and possible things even can add minigames within Minecraft. What are the Best Minecraft Seeds? – We bring the Secret

In addition some of these seeds are made especially for you upload your experience fighting the different monsters Minecraft . But there are other elements such as minerals and gold to make the game more diverse. And you take care of getting gold and other minerals

What are the seeds in Minecraft?

Every time you open a new world in Minecraft , is it generates a new seed, it is this. However you not have to be so forever. In addition, there are methods that allow you to optimize the performance of the game that makes you easier to play. These seeds are the bases of the worlds are created randomly.

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What are the best Minecraft seeds 1.16?

Let’s start with the seed -8,769,512,136,913,496,239 with the coordinates 50, 50. this can seed appear in a town that is in the desert and if you go to the center of this town, you will see a portal into ruins.

a the enter the portal, you will appear on the shores of a lake of lava, you’ll find an incredible surprise at coordinates 150, 50.

seed -1,290,983,287,714,065,878 with the coordinates 250, 200. the world which you will appear has a geometric configuration that you can not imagine. Also, if you dig to the depth -1150, 900’ll find a strength that has a lot of enemies with whom you fight.

seed 8864587264609348306 with the coordinates 100, 100. You will appear at the edge of a gully with a portal of ruins, and coordinates 350, -350 you will see a mansion golden blocks. Great news for you because it is a big booty quite rare. So do not forget to leave armed with good picks to undermine.

The seed 3911651516232576033 and the coordinates -150, 50 will appear just to the side of a temple of the desert and the coordinates 350, -450 you will find a double village. And if you go to the east of the village, you will find a set of looters.

Seed 881036744959935202 coordinates 250, 250. We find nothing more and nothing less than a wooded mansion and also with a shipwreck. You can get a village in the coordinates 100, -400

aerial view minecraft villages

seed 741004438910899249 coordinates 250, 200. This seed is survival. Two people can meet. One in the snow biome coordinates -250, 50 and the other in the taiga biome at coordinates -400, -250. Can get you up to an igloo at coordinates -300, 50.

Seed -3,095,063,791,972,520,635 coordinates 200, 50. On this occasion will appear on a border between taiga and island of fungi, as well as a town on the shores of the ocean at coordinates 200, -150.

not only that, but if you start just dig below the village, you will have the opportunity to increase your experience fighting many zombies.

Seed -5,996,909,823,309,704,300 coordinates -200, 250. the biome in which you will appear quite strange, since you’ll be in the desert and practically next to this is a biome ice.

in the coordinates 500, -300 you can find a village. But this is not the only because at coordinates 1150, -650 and 1050, 500’ll find two people.

Seed -6,773,129,537,011,007,151 coordinates -250, 50. This time you appear in an ocean biome in which you can meet a fortress that is completely exposed, not only that but about the same can meet with an oceanic monument at coordinates 2300, -200. And there are all because you will also find a wooded mansion at coordinates 400.350.

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