Using the left hand or off hand in Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the best games in the world that exist today with many players that support this great title. Learning to play Minecraft is very important if you want to get the most out of all functions. To do this you must first download and install the latest version of Minecraft for PC.

One of the things this game you can do is to use 2 types of tools thanks to your character can place in each hand an object at the same time . However, such’re once again playing Minecraft and do not know how to use the second hand of your character, but do not worry. Using your left hand or off hand in Minecraft

This article will show you how to use secondary hand easily so that they can play much better and you can defend in this world. Even if you want to gamble the demo version of Minecraft to try and see that you love.

You’ll see that after reading our article will have all the necessary knowledge about this high hand and tell all the information. This game is the first to be multiplatform therefore can also download it to your mobile Android and iOS

What is the secondary hand?

Before hand to show how secondary works will talk first about what this hand and all you need to know to use it in the best way. So you’ll have the skills to use the secondary hand properly and be the best player Minecraft.

 minecraft player with sword and shield in stone mountain and water down

The hand high school is a relatively new mechanism within the game that allows the player to use two tools or blocks at the same time . Players can equip any type of object in the hand and use it without any problem as long as they have nothing on the other hand.

In combat you can equip the shield so to avoid the slings and arrows no damage, another way to use the second hand is the ability to equip it with arrows you can throw with a bow and a crossbow.

Knowing how to use high hand is very important as there are objects that can only be used when equipped on the second hand, such as totems resurrection that need to be in this hand to be enabled.

that’s why in this guide will show you how you use this feature of the game so you can be the best and monsters you can not ever win. Use this hand is not difficult and the steps we will show you can use any block with this hand.

How to use the secondary hand Minecraft?

The process must perform to use the secondary hand is very simple, we’ll show you how to use off-hand in various ways so that they have various options for use.

apple hand with sword and also chests and horse in minecraft

before it is appropriate to mention to you that this feature is relatively new in this game so if you do not have the updated version of Minecraft you may not be able to use the high hand also now before it is important Minecraft update to use the secondary hand without problems. You can even use it in multiplayer without any problems and so play with two people or more on Minecraft

Step 1

To use the secondary hand first thing to do is tighten E key to access your inventory where you have all the objects that your character has equipped.

once the window inventory is open to the character, you must locate the object you want the character has this hand in the box with the icon of the shield , then you press the E button and your character will be the object in the secondary hand.

step 2

Another method that can apply to use an object or block in your high hand is that we show you below. All you have to do is locate the item in your lower object bar and press the F button which will cause the block is automatically placed in your hand, to change the only object you need to do is locate the object you are going to change and re-press the F key.

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