In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use TooManyItems.

One of the perfect mods for Minecraft that gives you the option of creating and customizing items for the game is TooManyItems mod. It is created by Marglyph and is popular for the maintenance of the original versions of the Minecraft game. This mod will help players to find the blocks very easily with the help of a useful GUI. It can also be used to save the player’s tools so that they can create new block collections. This mod is very simple and helps in properly managing the Minecraft inventories. As you can guess from the name, this mod brings in a lot of features to the game and enhances the gameplay. You do not need to switch to another mod when you are using TooManyItems mod. You will not get bored using this mod and playing the game of Minecraft. Try this mod once and you will never feel like switching to other mods.

Inventory Management to the next level

This useful and tempting inventory management mod for the Minecraft game will provide you with instant access to create your own inventory. There is a search option to the right of the inventory where there is a list of all the blocks and other items that you can easily search. The best part is that you can search the items or the blocks that you have installed using other mods as well here. To add a full stack of blocks or themes to the inventory, all you need is to click the block or item. You have the option to save the most common inventories that you use regularly and easily add items to the inventory list. The top left corner reveals a lot of buttons on the top that can be used to change the game mode or time and fill health and hunger. It is one of the best mods that will help in creating more powerful tools.

TooManyItems is a perfect mod for people engaged in a single player game. It gives you fast access to collect your items and materials you store in the favorites list. A single button is needed to start or finish using the mod. You get instant access to the spawners of the game.

Usage of TooManyItems Mod

  • Pressing the ‘o’ key when in the inventory screen will help the window to pop up.
  • You can add unlimited tools or steel or flint or unlimited stacks by using the shift– left-click option. To add unlimited stacks, you would need the ModLoader.
  • To toggle the difficulty without needing to enter the game, you just need to click on the creeper icon.
  • Just press the heart icon to increase the health and hunger to the max.
  • To set the time of the game to noon or sunrise or midnight or sunset, just click on the sun or the moon icons.
  • You can change the game modes to adventurous, creative and survival by pressing the ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘S’ icons respectively.


  • Time change buttons can be easily preset.
  • The game mode can be easily changed through a button.
  • You have the option of saving and loading the game, but it is limited to 7 times.
  • There is a toggle button on offer to change the weather effect.
  • All the things needed for the game are fitted in the sidebar.
  • The search box offers you the option to get items very quickly.
  • Plenty of new custom items like: filled flower pots, player heads, colored leather, note blocks and signs with ext.

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