Super Crafting Frame Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Super Crafting Frame Mod.

Super Crafting Frame Mod is the first of many Minecraft Mods from a developer called EdgarAllen. Crafting Frame Mod was created to make the managing of items a lot easier. More exactly it was made to help with repetitive crafting tasks during early game. The mod allows the player to craft specific items with one click. Super Crafting Frame Mod is not just a fast crafting mod: It has an integrated sorting function for associated chests.

Functions of Super Crafting Frame Mod

Super Crafting Frame is adding three new frames. Not boring new frames, they are kinda special: The Super Crafting Frame, Super Item Frame and the Super Void Frame. Every of this frames is adding a new of interaction with items to Minecraft.

Super Crafting Frame

The Super Crafting Frame can be placed on chets and walls. After placing the frame a settings GUI will open. You can configure the source for resources (your inventory, chests or your inventory and chests). Now you just have to place a crafting recipe into the GUI, afterwards you can craft items (under the condition you can provide the items). When you sneak, you will create a full stack.

Super Void Frame

The Super Void Frame is like a wastbin. When you are right clicking the frame, with an item in your hand, the item will be removed. Useful? I do not know…but I am sure it can help you cleaning your chests 🙂

Super Item Frame

Last but not least there is another frame: The Super Item Frame, it is similar to the Super Crafting Frame. This frame is not for crafting, it is for saving items. When you right click the frame, every imaged item will be sorted in an associated chest.

Do not like reading? What the mod on Youtube

If you prefer watching a crafting frame mod review on youtube, here you go. Biggs87x uplaoded a spotlight video back in 2014.

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