Risks of Downloading a Minecraft Launcher no Premium PC

Do you want to play Minecraft but don’t know how to enjoy this video game for free? One way to do it is by downloading an unofficial Launcher, but is it really worth it? What risks can this have for my pc and what legal consequences can it cause for my account in the game?

What is a Launcher and what is it for?

Basically, a Launcher is a kind of application or program, which as the word itself indicates, allows you to launch games or programs, they can be one by one or several at once. If you do not perform well the procedure of inserting a launcher or install a pirate or unofficial one, it can lead to errors such as not opening or starting the game in

In the case of Minecraft, we can download its official Launcher from its website, although there are non-premium alternatives to play for free and that we can easily differentiate thanks to their appearance, which despite being quite simple, and functional «so far». In addition, they are also distinguished by their customization and the ability to modify the settings of the program or the game you have launched in addition to many other things.

But that’s not all, a Launcher not only serves to be installed on your PC but also mobile devices and even consoles. In addition to being automatic in its process, to avoid the tedious task of installing JAVA packages as this is the responsibility of the program or launcher.

What is the best Launcher for Minecraft and how to install it?

If you are looking for a Launcher that you can use without problems, without restrictions, and with the total security that nothing will ever happen to your computer or your account, then you should definitely go to the main Minecraft page and install the version that Mojang has designed for your game.

Its official version has incredible features that will make you enjoy this open-world game, allowing you to use and combine it with great skins to make it more enjoyable even in multiplayer mode.

For example, among some of its features, is the fact that this official client is designed to be upgradable, which means that you can count on future versions of Minecraft and you can enjoy them without problems because they are those that the same developer provides without risk or problems.

minecraft launcher

The best thing about the official application is that you will have the opportunity to have your own skin through the Skin editor, and thus customize the game to your likeness, or as your imagination dictates, as well as the possibility of installing official mods and other utilities, to have a better experience within this magnificent game.

The advantages of installing an official application are that you will have the total security that your account will never be touched, plus you are assured that its latest updates are 100% virus-free, thus avoiding damage to your PC.

Are there non-premium versions of Minecraft?

On the Internet you can get almost everything, many good things are obtained legally and for free, and others not as is the case of Minecraft, because to use this game it is necessary to pay a small amount of money, which some users do not have, or try to exploit the intellectual property of the company, and take advantage of security breaches that may contain the game to create unofficial versions of it.

If you choose to download unofficial versions of the game you run a great risk to your computer, and in turn, you will be infringing copyright laws, having access to unstable servers, the possibility of your account being closed without notice, not getting official updates, and the risk of downloading malware through these launchers, which can steal or hijack your private information.

If you want free and safe alternatives to Minecraft, there are some, such as Mini World: Block Art, always choose to play official and legal versions, so you will protect your identity and the security of your computer.

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