RFTools Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use RFTools.

If you are finding it difficult to manage the Redfluxnet works in the Minecraft world, then you can make use of the RFTools mod to make the job easier.

More about RFTools mod

This mod provides you with the necessary blocks, items, and tools related to RF technology. It also helps with the tech builds that you undertake in the world. There are useful features on offer by this mod as far as RF technology is concerned. The RFTools mod must not be used on its own and has to should be used along with popular mods like EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, etc., to extract the maximum out of the mod. It offers a whole lot of tools to make managing of big Redflux networks a lot easier for you. The Redflux or the Redstone Flux is a power system added to the Minecraft game through the ThermalExpansion 3 mod. This mod does not only offer you easy to use tools to manage RF networks, but also comes with RF monitor and a mob spawner. The mod also offers a different type of teleportation system, like the ones you see in Star Trek. You can also use the full-fledged dimension system in the mod to create incredible things using the mod.

Features of RFTools

  • As the RFTools mod is a complex one, there is an in-game manual on offer. It can be crafted with a recipe that is offered in this mod. The manual offers you a whole bunch of information that you need to know in order to use the mod and to make full use of it.
  • It will work perfectly with other popular mods and brings out the best out of these mods.
  • The mod offers different user-friendly techniques that can be used to design different dimensions suited for building structures, exploring and mining. The Dimension builder is a unique feature that you get in this mod.
  • There is an RF Network Monitor offered that can be used to check out where the energy is flowing in a set of connected blocks.
  • There is a crafter offered that makes up to 8 recipes at one time. It also helps in crafting recipes.
  • A scanner is provided to find out the various stuff you need in the storage network.
  • A power relay option can be used to cut off the power network in the area where you come across a Redstone signal.
  • It offers a powerful shield system to block items, mobs, players, animals, etc.
  • Various values like dimension power, time, fluid contents, energy level, etc., can be viewed using the modular screen system.
  • RF is used to protect the blocks against explosions and harvesting through the Block Protector.
  • A modular storage system is in place that can be searched easily. It can also be accessed remotely.

Download RFTools

The download links below are safe. We always try to make sure that there are no viruses or malware in the RFTools download links. Also we know that Minecraft players always want to donwload the newest version, that is why we keep our download links up to date.

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