Rei’s Minimap Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Rei’s Minimap Mod.

Without any doubt, we can call it one of the most dynamic modification tools in the market today. Your gaming experience will be enhanced tremendously with the help of this mod. You can use the powerful map provided b

y this mod on all the gaming screens. The good thing is that you can easily customize the map. As far as the customization is concerned, it can be compared to MMO games like Guild Wars, LoL etc.

Installation time2 minutesMod categoryMinimapsAuthorReiVersions1.11/1.10/1.9/1.8

The best features

This mod is going to be very helpful in many ways. Going from location to location has become lot easier with the help of this mod. You can also cover long distances very easily. Moreover, this mod will allow you to keep you safe from dangerous animals, gangs and other dangers. You can play without any interruption as a result. If you are looking for a smooth playing experience, then this mod is what you need.

Speaking of configuring the maps, you can do it in many ways. Setting out way points is one way to do it. You can also add in objects which are new as you go along. You can also change the transparency. There are many map visibility mods for Minecraft which are perfectly compatible with this mod.

There are other interesting features too that deserve a mention. And one such feature is the ability to process commands in a faster manner. Quick map rendering is also possible with this mod. This mod will also allow you to use blocks which are semi-transparent. Another interesting feature is the bump map expression. This is perfect for giving a tilt effect to the map’s display.

Other features of Rei’s Minimap

Let’s have a quick look at the remaining features.

  • Biome coloring is something that will keep you excited.
  • Cave mapping is another good feature.
  • You will also love entities radar implementation.
  • Using the texture pack, you can create block colors.
  • It has another feature to play with the light. You can take advantage of the dynamic changes in lighting.
  • You can easily indicate the presence of slime spawning chunks.
  • As for changing the key configurations, you can do it while without playing the game.

Usage: How to use the Minimap Mod?

With Rei’s Minimap you can remember deathpoints, another great feature is setting waypoints. You can create points at your home, your farm and everywhere else. If you are looking for the options, just press “.” or “~” key. However, those who use Mac may encounter some trouble. As for editing the keys, you can you can do it in the menu while playing it. Or you can head to the config folder to do the same.

How to install Rei’s Minimap?

Installation is not complicated at all. You start with installing Minecraft Forge. Forge and version 1.7.2 are not compatible with each other. You may need to do some manual adjustments including directly placing files into the jar. If you are looking for detailed information on installation, you can find it online.

Download Reis Map for free

Reis Minimap is no longer updated :(. Take a look at VoxelMap – it is the updated version.

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