R3D Craft Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use R3D Craft Texture Pack.

If you are looking to make use of more realistic and high quality textures to create a different Minecraft world, then you should definitely give R3D Craft texture pack a try. The appearance of the items and the blocks will undergo changes throughout the game. It will not add new blocks or items or produce new textures. If you love what the default pack offers and do not want to change it at all, then R3D Craft or Red Craft is a pack you should never miss.

What’s attractive?

The R3D Craft texture pack offers you realistic and high texture patterns with gradients. Altough shadows and eye for small detailing to give you a wonderful Minecraft playing experience. The pack is designed for all die hard default Minecraft game fans who love to bring in more detailing and realization of the existing default textures. So, using this pack will allow you to stay closer with the original outlook of the game. R3D Craft uses various new colors and shapes to make it more realistic.

R3D Craft Resource Pack features

  • The rough edges of the default textures get a definite smoothing and the dirt now looks more like the dirt.
  • The cobblestone now looks more like a real mass of rocks than looking like an ugly lump in the default version.
  • The texture pack is offered in different packages like 32x resolution to 512x high resolution so that everyone can try out this pack.
  • There are two separate modes on offer: smooth realism and default realism.
  • The R3D Craft textures have faces and when you start addling lien to a block, you will find the bricks to pop up and give a 3D effect.
  • You will enjoy 3D effect in every single block offered in this pack.

Some of the new things that you will come across added in the R3D Craft texture pack are: farmlands, stone and gravel, sand and snow, wooden planks, dark wood, moss. Also regular cobblestone, all kinds of wool colors, bricks and TNT.

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