Persistence Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Persistence Texture Pack !.

Are you a person who does not like sticking on to one texture pack for long? Do you find that there are no better packs on offer that will give a totally new twist and look for the Minecraft game? If this is the case, then you have not yet tried out the Persistence texture pack. This is a pack that will help you to create a medieval and rustic look to the Minecraft game, yet not staying away from the real essence of the game. The entire look of the game can be changed and you can create new gameplay that is very attractive and interesting. There is a great deal of attention given to detailing in this pack and thus you enjoy a very immersive gameplay. This texture pack was earlier known as the JoeNoeDoe Pack.

The creator of the Persistence texture pack is ChesterChair. This pack bends more towards the rustic side rather than offering you a realistic pack. But, despite its rustic and medieval textures, it is breathtaking and amazing.

  • Everything that you find in the default Minecraft world is changed. You will find that you are in a totally new world when you use this pack.
  • The food items have seen a whirlwind of change and now look like a three dimensional artwork with the shadow of it in each edge.
  • The leaves of the plants also have a rustic look to it and the wool also gives very nice color.
  • The pack is offered in high quality resolution of 128×128 and hence all the textures will feel realistic.
  • The ore blocks and the ores in the mine are detailed and look pretty much a valuable thing. You can make quality looking weapons and tools using the ore.
  • The zombie face textures add a bit of scary part and the Ghast is always crying.

As the pack is offered in HD quality, all the resources are heavily detailed. The screenshots here show that the Minecraft game gets a complete makeover and the look of the game is highly enhanced. This is a cool and good looking pack that will help you create a home or a building that is rustic.

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