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In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Payday 2 Map.

Are you in awe with the popular Payday heist game? How would you be feeling if you were able to play the heist game in your Minecraft world? Well, your wish has come true with the all new Payday 2 map game offered for Minecraft. This new adventure map is of course a sequel to the Payday the Minecraft heist game that many people still love to play. This map game offers the option to play the game as a single player or up to 4 player co-op mode. The game features as many as seven interesting and challenging heists. The best part about these heists is that four of them are on the lines of the payday 2 actual game. There is no doubt that you will enjoy playing this game with custom sounds and mobs to enliven the Payday 2 map game.

The main goal of the player is to raid the bank and to bring as much as money as possible in the van. All through the heist, you should make sure that you do not attract much attention from outside so that you carry out a successful heist operation. The original soundtrack of Payday 2 game is featured in this Payday 2 Minecraft map game.

Features of Payday 2 Map

The Payday 2 mission is best played with an HD resource pack where you will find the Payday 2 original soundtracks. The custom sounds will give you the thrills and excitement of playing the original payday 2 games in the Minecraft world. It will take about 1-3 hours to complete any of the four payday 2 heist levels and the time taken will depend upon how you play the game. The heists are carried out in three major locations, namely: Las Vegas, Shanghai and Washington. The heist will take you to Las Vegas casino and you will find them to be more or less similar to the real life casinos you come across.

The locations, the custom mobs and the item shops showcased on the Payday 2 map game has the highest quality builds and this has taken the Minecraft game to a totally different level. There are plenty of hidden secrets and as many as 20 achievements on offer in this map game. You have the option to create your own kits that comprise of all kinds of tools and weapons. The armor crafting guide will help you to create the right kind of weapons you need to play the game. This map will take at least a couple of weeks to finish all the seven playable heists. There are many items that you will find in the item shops that will help you to move forward in the map game.

Heists of Payday Map are as follows:

Download Payday 2 Map

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