Parkour School Map

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Parkour School Map.

If you are finding some of the other maps for Minecraft a bit tough and hard for you, then why not try the all new Parkour School maps. This map is created by Gravityman300 and is one of the most popular Minecraft maps that are downloaded by the game enthusiasts. This new map gives every gamer the chance to learn many skills and to create their skills in order to overcome the obstacles that come up in the game. It has various challenging levels for the player and keeps him on his or her toes all the time.

The initial levels are quite easy so that you get settled into playing this game. As the levels progress, the difficulty level of the game increases and finally you will come across very challenging parkours. You will learn all the basics of each and every jump and develop your own as the game progresses and the intensity level of the game increases. It is a very easy map to try out as the first Parkour map you play in the Minecraft world. By mastering this Parkour school map, you will be able to play other maps with confidence.

Features of Parkour School map

The instructions show up on the screen as you progress in the game and it will be an indication of what keys you need to use to jump and sprint and so on. The Parkour school map features checkpoint systems and once you drop dead playing a challenge you can prespawn to start again from where you were dead. There are many themed areas on offer in the map to enthrall you and to drive yours to keep on playing the game.

All the blocks, be it wood or bricks, look more or less natural and add the perfect visual treat to the map game. Every themed area has something unique about it and the challenges in the game are perfect to keep the Minecraft enthusiasts hooked to the game for many hours.

The Parkour school map game can be played in multiplayer mode to increase the thrills of the game. By playing with your friends, you will be able to complete the levels quickly and complete the checkpoint quests soon. Many of the things that were intentionally designed to make the game a bit harder have been revamped so that it is easier than before. The Parkour school map game comes with an anti-cheat system that will help you to play the game with your own set of skills and creativity. This game is all about jumps and sprints and you will learn the tricks of jumping here to play other Parkour games better. The water and the cobwebs are now bonus levels for the gamers.

There are more things that you have to do after completing the parkour school map. The update of the map has made changes to the glitches in it and now you can play the game without any glitches.

Download Parkour School Map

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Parkour School Map for all versions

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