Ozone Project Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Ozone Project Texture Pack.

Are you looking for a different type of texture pack to play Minecraft game? How would be feeling of you were told that some of the blocks or items used in a texture pack is named after the moderators? Ozone Project is a popular texture pack for Minecraft gamers and it is simply awesome. This pack is designed for the Project Ozone game. This pack will take you to a totally different gaming atmosphere. It is built for everyone who likes to be overpowered. The pack can also be used for any other resource packs.

What does it offer?

The chisel blocks in this pack gives you a complete change from the type of blocks and items that you have used in other packs. Here, you will find fancy stone brick chisel blocks with images of ogaSexy on them.

You will come across a wide variety of blocks in this pack that are offered in bright and attractive colors. Each of the blocks has a distinct name to it. Netherrack are the red blocks, you find them in the world nether. The pink blocks that you will see in the packs are nether bricks. TNT gets a yellowish shade. Anvils are now made from bricks. Lapis lazlui are the blue blocks.

The ghost images will tempt you to play the game for longer periods than when you played using the default blocks and items. You will enjoy a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure when you play with the new blocks, items, wood, etc., in the game.

The image on the top is showing all blocks Ozone Project comes with.

Features of Ozone Project Resource Pack

Ozone Project texture pack has the uncanny knack of attracting Minecraft lovers. It makes them feel wow about the game. It helps in keeping you glued to the game for hours. The pack is offered for a resolution of 512x or higher. This means that you will get to see all the blocks and items on offer in the pack to have perfect detailing. The laborious assembling of the textures is a thing of the past in the Minecraft game, thanks to the introduction of the Ozone Project texture packs.

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