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By Promptly -August 2, 20160593The latest OreSpawn Mod supports the versions 1.11/1.10/1.9 and 1.8!
In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use OreSpawn Mod. orespawn-mod-thumbnail

One of the most happening and the largest mod offered for Minecraft game is the OreSpawn Mod. There are plenty of new items, characters and mobs offered on this interesting mod. You will come across a huge collection of weapons and armory apart from many interesting characters and items. The mod features cages, girlfriends, royal dragons, and powerful variety of other dragons, plenty of new ores, huge swords, zoo cages, new plants, krakens and mobzilla. All these new features and characters are integrated and neatly blend to give a new life to the Minecraft game. You will have a totally new experience playing the game and you will feel as if you are in the real world. There are number of swords on offer in this OreSpawn Mod and you can use any of the swords to enter into this adventurous world.

Features: OreSpawn Mod Adds Plenty Of Ores To Make Minecraft More Fun

The OreSpawn Mod is a perfect mod for everyone who likes to play with a wide range of tools, dimensions, new items, etc. It offers all the resources that you need and it will provide you all the fun to explore the Minecraft game even better. Through this mod, players will be able to spawn hostile squids, hammerhead sharks, giant robot spiders and looting criminals that attack the players during the game play. There are more and more fun experiences offered in this mod that will drive you to play the game for longer periods. Making use of every new feature given in the mod will make you feel like playing a new game.

  • The mobile creatures that are offered in OreSpawn Mod are classified into three divisions: boss monster mobs, tamable and breedable mobs. The mobs that can be tamed are; baby dragon, chipmunk, dragon, frog, ostrich, spider robot, water dragon, etc. The monster mobs are Allosaurus, Caterkiller, Criminal, Hammer Head, The King, Nightmares, Robot Warrior, etc.
  • Girlfriends and boyfriends are very important and invaluable when playing Minecraft game. They are fearless and will help in killing the creepers. All you need is to give them armor and they will fight fearlessly for you.
  • Your pets and girlfriends will automatically move along with you to the dimensions you visit. Some of the dimensions are Utopia, village, crystal, chaos, mining and danger.
  • There are many tools and weapons that are offered in this OreSpawn Mod. All the weapons and tools take the shape of real weapons and come with attractive colors. You will be forced to make use of these tools and weapons while playing the game.
  • The zoo is growing and features a lot of new and cool creatures. They will make you feel as if you are in a real zoo surrounded by various animals.
  • There is plenty of armor on offer like emerald armor, peacock feather armor, ruby armor, queen’s armor, etc. Each of the armor has a distinct color and look according to their names.
  • The goodness tree brings a lot of luck and is seen in the utopian dimension. You will have to search for it carefully as you will find just one among hundred giant trees.
  • The pink tourmaline ingots look quite attractive and you need to mine deep to collect these durable items.

As this OreSpawn Mod offers huge amount of resources and attractive items to the game you can make use of this mod to create new games within the Minecraft. This mod will work both in multiplayer and single player options. You will need to install the Minecraft forge in order to make this mod run properly on your computer or your servers.


Visit this link to download the mod.

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