Optimizing Windows 10 Edition Minecraft to increase FPS

Today, many tend to use their computers as their main form of play video games , either from personal accessibility or taste.

Both are fully understandable, considering that computers often run best video games a console with improved graphics and often with various additional aspects. How to Optimize Minecraft on Windows 10 Edition to increase FPS

This makes a game computer often more desirable than a console, because from controls were implemented to play on a console, they have left behind a lot of excuses about use keyboard and no control. 

Even with the latter, often many people surprise encounter that sometimes it is more convenient to use a keyboard than a command of a particular console.

This leaves bas tante clear the obvious superiority with computers gaming above the consoles, why many consoles struggle to have exclusive games through which to sell consoles. 

But, you must keep in mind that this only applies to your computer if it is good enough to run most games out there today. Even if it’s not good enough, you can probably run lots of games of a couple of generations ago without much mess ago.

But sometimes it happens that with some games that seem not have too many requirements, we may have some problems, which often happens with Minecraft.

so if you have Minecraft, and you have problems with your FPS  you can continue reading this tutorial, it’ll help you improve your game in just a few steps, which will help you get more experience faster Minecraft

minecraft optimize

The FPS in Minecraft

Minecraft may seem at sight a game with graphics do not ask too much of our computer, and that therefore anyone could run it on your computer if you want it. However, the truth is very different, because of how the maps and the number of objects that render our computer are loaded. 

The same can bring problems to a computer that does not meet the requirements recommended Minecraft, especially when talking about the processor, which is recommended to be at the least one i3 3210 in terms of minimum requirements. 

So if you do not meet the requirements , you will probably see the game extremely slow or very low FPS, but luckily it is possible to run this game on low performance computers with the correct options. Or even can download and install Minecraft on Android or iOS mobile devices.

minecraft optimize

fixing the FPS Minecraft

in order to fix lar FPS your game Minecraft, you have to open your game or your world and go straight to the « graphics Options » that are within the main menu. 

This process can do it on the menu entry to the game, but we recommend you do in a game for you can go experimenting to see what more can work for you.

so, we can go slowly through the options, starting with « Graphics » you should put on «Quick» and then disable, or at least the «soft lighting».  

then you can go to the «particles » and put them in small or off, followed by activation of the «VSync» and «VBOs»  If you have a video card that can help you render everything in the game. 

also, you need to look out in the section «Rendering», this parameter will load the map around you, and you can put it on the first level and go up to see what works best for you.

on the other hand, the maximum FPS does not matter much, but if you can put in 60 or 30 is a good choice for low-performance computers. In addition this will help you get in and join servers Minecraft no premium more smoothly.

You can also turn off the «Balance», «Clouds», «Shadows of entities» and leave «0» parameter «Mipmap». and finally, you have the option to update your Java and download the mod OptiFine  to have a game much more high FPS. 

with all this configured, you can run the game smoothly, so begin to experience many of the interesting things about this great game, such as creating other dimensions like heaven, hell the End or the Nether.

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