MineTheftAuto GTA Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use MineTheftAuto GTA Texture Pack.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a famous computer game, and every gamer knows it. Minecraft is popular game that has dominated the gaming industry. Well, imagine how you would feel if both these popular games are out together in a pack. This is what you will experience when you are playing the Minecraft game by making use of the MineTheftAuto pack. This pack will make your Minecraft game look more like a Grand Theft Auto (get general information on Wikipedia) game. The ordinary looking Minecraft world will now be having blocks, textures, covering items and mobs that will resemble the different items that you are accustomed to in the GTA game.

What does the GTA Texture Pack offer?

The MineTheftAuto pack gives the players to play the game in a new and modern theme. There are 16 x 16 textures which will blend with the name of the pack that also includes a smooth tiling to offer you an awesome pack. You need not download any other content or use the pack with other packs to enjoy a world class gaming experience. This is a light pack that will offer you wholesome enjoyment in normal play. The gamer will enjoy the new player models and shaders offered in this pack. The custom sounds are a great addition to the gameplay.

Features of the MineTheftAuto pack

  • The game has a very cool theme that most of the players will enjoy.
  • A few of the armor textures have been removed.
  • Weapon textures brought in to offer a better gameplay experience.
  • The sponge has now been re-textured to quartz.
  • The GTA resource pack comes with a new default skin that is attractive and lures you to play the game.
  • The default player model, texture re-added.
  • The game is not just about ordinary texture changes anymore. It comes with shaders and custom sounds to improve the look and the sound of the game.
  • Custom Steve skin is re-added in this pack.

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