Minecraft LAN Server

Minecraft is fun to play by yourselves but playing with other people adds to the fun of the game. Creating a Minecraft LAN (Local Area Netowrk) Server is a great advantage whether you want to create an internal server to play while your friend is over, or you want to work on a developing server’s world files to send to a hosting company. Minecraft LAN Servers work within your wireless range, meaning only people connected to your router can join you.

Starting and playing on a LAN server is incredibly easy to set up. All you need to do is have a friend or yourself start a new single player world. After MineCraft configures the world files and creates the world for you, if you press the escape key you’ll be directed to a menu, with one of the buttons reading “Open to LAN”. After opening the game to LAN, the other party should click the multiplayer option on the title screen. Where it normally says it’s scanning for local games, your game should pop up. Your friend can afterwords successfully connect to your game.

Minecraft LAN servers are great for playing with friends while they’re close, but you shouldn’t try to use them after your friends leave. One of the great features of creating a LAN server is that you and your friends can work on creating your world files to set up a public server. Another great thing about LAN servers is the ability to set world seeds before even loading the landscape. If you have played on a server with a particular seed, you can use the seed to recreate the landscape that you’ve already played on.

Closing a LAN server

When the players decide to finish playing on the LAN server, you can easily shut it down and start it up again at any time. Make for certain that the player who created the LAN server last time reloads the same world in order to do so though. When a player closes out of MineCraft, the world files are saved after the last edit. You never have to worry about losing any of your block changes, or any of your hard-earned items. It will also save the location of any other people who where playing on the server as well.

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