Minecraft Furniture Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Furniture Mod.

Today I’ll be reviewing The Furniture Mod. Now the first thing is well this new furniture actually goes with the default textures of Minecraft, and I must say, they go together really well. But let’s go into more detail about the new features The Furniture Mod adds to the game. So for this review I’m going to go into the different types of new additions based on where they belong, for example, I’ll be covering bathroom items, living room items, bedroom items, etc, and whatever miscellaneous items are left.

First up, the bathroom items. The shower and toilet are the interactive ones here, even though they don’t do much. The shower powers down water once you, obviously, and all you do not the toilet is sit down, and if you so choose, you can…fart. That’s right, farting. It’s really silly, and a little out of place, but it’s just an optional feature they have in this mod. There’s also a bathtub you can fill with water, and a sink as well which you can also fill with water. Then there’s the wall cabinet where you can put nine items in like potions.

Secondly, let’s move on to the living room items. The interactive items here are actually most of them. There’s a television that has three channels—Nyan Cat, He-Man, and static—then there’s the computer that offers you deals very much like villagers do, but a lot of better deals. There’s also wooden and stone chairs and wool couches that can actually go together, coffee tables, but since they are only half blocks tall, nothing actually goes on top of them, they seem to be only for show. There are full tables though where you can places things on. There are also chairs, but you cannot sit on them and are they also sadly only for show.

Thirdly on this chalk full Furniture Mod is the bedroom supplies. There’s bedside table with actual drawers you can use, they’re basically fancier chests. Then there’s lamps that actually work, and blinds and curtains that look really cool, but they can also close with makes everything darker. There’s a stereo as well that can play the tunes of the discs. And fourthly there’s the kitchen supplies. There’s a refrigerator, which has a freezer that can actually cool things down, like rotten flesh that you can eat afterwards without an issue. Then there is the oven and the oven overhead. The overhead is just for show, but the oven is like a giant furnace, what I mean by that is you can cook nine things at once

And here we go, the leftover miscellaneous. These are mostly things that go outside actually, like a mailbox that goes hand-and-hand with the packages and envelope. The package fits six items, and the envelope fits two. There are also new fences. There is a plain white fence, and an electric fence. The electric fence actually kills mobs that touch it, which is really useful. There’s a stone path that looks really nice, and hedges, which are basically thinner blocks of leaves. Another really cool item is the fire alarm that actually does detect fire. It may not come in handy very often, but it’s still really awesome, and an interesting touch. Another thing are ceiling lights, pretty self-explanatory. So that is The Furniture Mod. There are actually a couple other items like the printer and the tap, but I didn’t work out how to use those, but if you get the mod you can figure them out yourselves.

Download Furniture Mod

Visit this link to download Furniture Mod for free. There are all versions listed.

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