Minecraft as planting trees and make them grow very fast (Example)

While you can learn to do an orchard in Minecraft, it is also advisable to know Minecraft how to plant trees and make them grow very fast. This is useful when you play at the Minecraft in survival mode, as this will get resources in a fast and efficient manner. How to Plant Trees in Minecraft and make them grow very fast

How to plant trees Minecraft and make them grow very fast

Minecraft is a game very complex, which includes lots of new mechanics and exceptional crafting system. In turn, their condition survival and sandbox allows many actions, such as planting trees.

Planting trees can be very useful in different circumstances, the main use of this option, lumber . In turn planting other elements in Minceraft, such as planting sugarcane allow you to feed yourself properly within the game, which is one of those techniques that you should know perfectly.

Planting seeds Minecraft

through the following guide will show you what is the process to obtain seeds or saplings, and plant them and a trick with which you can make them grow very quickly, read the following information carefully.

Planting trees in Minecraft

the first thing you need to plant trees in Minecraft will get seeds, seed are obtained by destroying the branches of trees or bushes. Depending on the type of tree break, you get a seed of different characteristics, and yet all can be planted. In fact, it is important to know what the best seeds Minecraft so that you draw the most out of this game.

A seed trees are also called «Bud» and this is exactly what you need to plant the plants. The seeding process is very simple, all you have to do is put sprouts on the ground and they naturally begin to grow.

However, keep in that the growth of buds often be extensive, that if we wait for the tree to grow naturally. Either way, there is a method with which we can accelerate this process, causing the trees to grow almost automatically.

 Plantation in Minecraft

Make your trees grow much faster

There is a little trick we can use for trees to grow much faster, in fact, the growth occurs almost instantly. For this, you need to get bones in Minecraft.

The bones are obtained from the skeletons, so you have to eliminate as many skeletons as you can to get the as many as possible of this element. Find skeletons at night, in any case, you should properly arm yourself so that these do not eliminate.

Once you obtain the bones, you’ll prepare the powder with a table crafting, but you can also do it from the option basic manufacturing, which you can access by pressing the «E» key. Only drag the bone obtained towards the area crafting and as indeed, it will appear immediately bone dust.

can make use bone powder make trees grow very quickly , just as it is possible to use them in other crops as is the case of wheat.

Use the bone powder that you sow grow faster

once you have the elements necessary for planting, all you have to do is use the seeds or shoots and plant them in the ground. After this, applies bone dust sown directly on each block .

Immediately appliques bone powder, notice that the tree will automatically increase. In fact, this can also use it to sow wheat, which is especially useful if you look at the need to eat, being a lifeguard you should consider at all times.

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