Marvelouscraft Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Marvelouscraft Texture Pack.

What would make you stick on to playing computer games for long? Many people would prefer the games to undergo changes every time in order to make the game interesting. The changes are expected not only in the game play, but also on the look of the game. If you are feeling bored playing the Minecraft game with the same default textures, then Marvelouscraft texture pack created by darealmeesta is sure to impress you. The game offers diehard fans of Minecraft a brand new game play sense, unique game theme and complete enjoyment. Marvelouscraft comes with a great resolution of 64x.

Features of Marvelouscraft resource pack

  • With the resolution offered at 64x, every texture not only looks quite impressive, but it also looks very real and in high definition.
  • The texture pack is very smooth and friendly and will give you the feel of the default pack with more details and better look.
  • You have the option to use custom colors on everything. So, you get to play around with your building colors. This pack is full of rich detail.
  • There are lots of Randomnmobs on offer and all the cows do not look the same.
  • You have the option to rotate the textures to offer you better creativity.
  • The pack carries very good detailing for the mobs and the day cycles.
  • The organic and titling capabilities are not the same anymore and now are attractive and smooth.
  • The textures on this pack are kept casual and hence the users will be able to easily adapt with the new textures.
  • You get the option of 23 custom animations and hence this texture pack is user friendly.

The new changes

There are new command blocks that have been added to the Marvelouscraft texture pack. Now, instead of single block you get more blocks. The blaze, iron golem and birch trunk have been given a new facelift in the new version of Marvelouscraft.

REVIEW OVERVIEWAnimationsBlocksMobsSUMMARYThe themes of this pack were selected well before the initial creation of the pack and then have been designed to match with the resolution of 64x.The pack hence is high on creativity apart from being very distinctive. Even though the pack comes in higher resolution, most of the users will be able to run the pack on their computers without a great deal of FPS lag.4.5OVERALL SCOREPromptly

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