Making or crafting a sword in Minecraft – Crafting Sword (Example)

Minecraft Crafting sword

Minecraft is almost like the real world: you can do everything! If at any time you need a sword, but do not know how to do, now explain you how to make two types of swords: In iron and stone . So that, whenever you want you can create your swords of these two materials, which are the most accessible in Minecraft. So stay reading the topic How do or crafting a sword in Minecraft – Crafting sword How to Make or crafting a sword in Minecraft – Crafting Sword

How do or crafting a sword. iron, gold and diamond in Minecraft

Make an iron sword in Minecraft is very easy , almost as easy as it was to download and install Minecraft on your PC, because it requires a few steps you can run in minutes:

First, you’ll need a peak wood, which is made with 3 planks and 2 sticks of wood. After you’ve already made your peak wood, you dirigirás with beak towards a mountain or a nearby cave deep. And you start peak to remove the stone that need to peak need for iron.

Then you must return to your home in Minecraft and Access crafting table , and once there, you headed section swords and armor. And with 3 cobblestones and 2 rods placed in the mirror section, you’ll get your peak stone.

Now, again you go to a mountain or cave to extract the necessary iron to create the powerful iron sword. < / p>

sword crafteada minecraft

after extraction with the required peak iron, you go back to your home in Minecraft and agree to crafting table. In the section of swords and armor must place on the grid «Fabricate» 2 pieces of iron and 1 yard of wood for the iron sword. In this way, you’ve got your valuable iron sword and will be ready for use at any time.

Now, to make the diamond sword , the world’s Survival, you’ll need 2 pieces of diamond and a stick. You put on the table creating 2 diamonds first and the last frame you put the rod or stick. Then you can assign spells to your sword and get your valuable, powerful and very beautiful diamond sword.

Instead, to make your gold sword need 2 pieces of gold and 1 rod or stick. Similarly, at the table crafting, place it first in the mirror section 2 gold pieces and finally the rod and you’ll have your sword.

How do or crafting a sword of stone and wood Minecraft

to make your own sword stone in minecraft, survival in the world, you need 2 stone pavers and 1 yard. For the stone, and the like with the need iron go to mountain or cave and a wooden pick you extract the stone .

After this, we get to the table crafting, in section swords and armor placed in mirror and one rod 2 cobblestones. In this way, we will easily obtained our stone sword in just a few minutes.

Now, to make wooden sword, you simply need a few items that you will get with ease. You will need several wooden planks (you get them from the trees) you can even make or create a wooden stick to your sword.

So when you have this, you come to the table crafting in the mirror section, you put 2 wooden planks of oak or birch and a stick and get your wooden sword.

uses of swords in Minecraft

the swords inside Minecraft worlds are very useful, they have several uses and different levels of power. For example, the most common use of swords is for defend yourself Monster like zombies, skeletons, pillagers and other players. On the other hand, you can get the edge arrasador enchantment for your sword, and thus win the game.

 sword fighting crafteada in minecraft

also are useful for the clothing of your skin , so that together with armor this much more powerful and impressive look. In addition, they are very useful to eliminate pesky cobwebs and bamboo you get in the game.

Dress up! You make swords in Minecraft various kinds of materials is very simple, with a few materials that can get them easily easily.

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