Making or build a wooden house in Minecraft step

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Having a house in Minecraft is super especially important if you are playing in survival mode . You can even create a basement to protect animals in small farms and can grow crops safely. How to Make or Build a wooden house in Minecraft step

You can make houses with different materials, moreover, you can create materials that you like. can make stone, brick, light stone, wool, wood and all the materials you have at your disposal. This guide will be very useful as it will show as build a basic wooden house which you can then modify to your liking. Once you have completed it is important that you learn how to find your home and what to do if you get lost in Minecraft? so do not waste all your effort.

What materials are needed to build a house?

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Before starting the guide you need to note that more materials and will explain how to get all you need to build your house, and also inform you that you build an amazing modern concrete house in Minecraft


for wood must find the trees and remove of the logs using an ax. It is recommended that as you go chopping down trees, stems you collect must replant and so have wood whenever you need and avoid deforestation.

Now that you have logs, you must turn them on wooden planks to it must get into your inventory by pressing the E button, and once inside can be placed in the top 4 blank spaces, you must place the log in any of the pictures and you can extract planks.


you will need a crafting table to create must be placed in the blanks above your inventory four wooden planks. You will also need an ax that can be done by placing on the table Crafting in the Zones 5 and 8 wooden sticks and spaces 2, 3 and 6 wooden planks.

Also you need an oven, so you must go to table crafting and fill in the blanks stone, except for the box in the middle and go.

How to build a wooden house step by step?

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Use wood is the easiest way to build your house being in survival mode because if you’re creative you’ll materials unlimited at your disposal and you can let your imagination can achieve even make a trap to defend your house in Minecraft.

Some of the easiest blocks to collect are wood, stone and brick, however, the latter two are materials stronger so if not accounts with a peak, take you a little longer to remove them. Let’s see what are the steps to build a house in Minecraft easily.

Step 1

The first thing to do is find the correct biome, we suggest that it is a biome where there a balance between the amount of resources available and food, for example biomes meadow and forest that have enough water.

These allow you to have at your disposal resources, caves and animals < / strong> you can eat. Avoid biomes desert, frozen tundra and rainforest, as they lack resources and food and are more dangerous, however you can find good villages and biomes in Minecraft easily.

Step 2 < p> Already having the biome where you live, you should look for a preferably high place such as a mountain or hill, to build your house. If there is no mountains near , then you must make the foundation of your home at the least two blocks up using blocks of land.

Step 3

Now you can start building your home base you did to land in step 2. we recommend you do the walls of 5×5 and 4 blocks high, because if you need to build quickly you will not take much time or resources. And looking you up place the roof with the same boards.

Step 4

Now you must find sand that can be found next to the water so you can create crystals and make windows. To do this you must put sand in the oven and also put wood so you can cook and glass blocks created. These blocks can locate them from east to west along the lines of the center of the wall.

Step 5

Now only will build a door that can be done using the table Crafting . You must fill in two vertical rows with wooden door and get in and out of your house. And that’s it, you’ll have a house to live in.

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