Making a house in the air or in Heaven in Minecraft Best home! (Example)

make a home in the air or sky in Minecraft

Today we’ll talk about houses in Minecraft. Players can make an infinite number of houses; from making a rustic house in Minecraft, to make an epic mansion in Minecraft. All created from your imagination. Have you done any building you ?; If you did not, you can try to make a home in the air or in the sky in Minecraft.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can create what you want. Therefore, it is not uncommon to want to make an incredible modern concrete house in Minecraft, for instance. How to Make a house in the air or in Heaven in Minecraft Best home!

Even, there are those who take advantage of the charm of aquatic affinity; but what good is the water affinity Minecraft ?. Therefore, it is an enchantment that applies to a helmet, to increase speed to chop underwater. So you can build whatever you want, even in the depths of the sea.

You can make houses in the sky Minecraft ?. Of course yes, just let your imagination fly and look for creative ways to do it. But here you will find article how you can make the house in the sky in creative mode and survival.

Steps a house in the air or in the sky in Minecraft < p> Before you begin to know and keep in mind the difference between creative mode and survival mode. In this case, in the creative mode you have all materials play so you can use them. For survival mode, you will have available the materials you can get collecting. One can say that in this mode is more difficult to create the house.

 Steps a house in the air or in the sky in Minecraft

Now, let’s start with the house in the sky! The first thing we do if we are in a creative way is to place wooden blocks, one above the other, to the desired height. But beware! Minecraft has a maximum height and will not let you exceed it.

At the end the desired height, we can start expand the area of ​​the house . And from this moment, the design and construction of it depends on your creativity and imagination.

Of course, this is using the creative mode. But what if we make a home in survival mode? Then we’ll give you some tips and suggestions to achieve create your home in heaven Minecraft in survival mode.

Create your house in survival Minecraft

For lovers mode of challenges, build a house in heaven in survival mode it is a real challenge. So before you start to have an inventory of materials and basic tools and crucial to accomplish this feat.

The most important thing to achieve this goal is have a bucket of water . Given that we are in height, a fall would be certain death and loss of all progress. So, to save us from that, the water will be your best friend.

To begin with, recommended 64 ground and enough wood , the more the better wood. Do you have everything you need? Well, give, start up the best we can with the land, placing a block on top of another.

Achieving the desired height, we started with the design and construction. But a question arises, how can I use water? Well, very easy, you use water as elevator! Make a box where you can place the water and automatically descend to the ground.

 creates house in Minecraft survival mode

This really is important to remember, because creatively can go flying into the house, but in survival mode, you can do two things: place a immensely large staircase, or place water as elevator

You decide how.. Use Glass to take advantage of the view and make sections of the floor to see the void, or create great windows. Brighten up your home with torches beam tables, chairs, kitchen, in short, everything you can. Imagine, create and design the best house in the sky all!.

All this is possible in this amazing game called Minecraft. And although there is a paid version, you can enjoy a pleasant gaming experience with the free versions . If you liked this article, you can share it with friends or family. Leave your comments in the comment box and Achieves the challenge of creating your own home in the sky Minecraft

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