Making a farm or crafting in Minecraft Villagers – Crafting villagers (Example)

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Minecraft is a video game released on May 17, 2009 and made by Markus Persson (known as Notch). It is a free world where users can explore and build anything. This lets you create your own worlds using or introducing destroying blocks of different materials. In addition, you can create or crafting a farm villagers How to Make or crafting a farm Villagers in Minecraft -. Crafting Villagers

What Minecraft means

The name Minecraft comes from the mix? 2 words (Mine and Craft), which in English refer to dig or mine and build respectively. So the name indicates that the main purpose of the game is to explore, mine, collect materials and build what you want.

How Minecraft play?

 as minecraft play

It characterized by crafting game different building materials. There are people who are dedicated to create a village of villagers in Minecraft, but do farms is a common way to get resources. These should be built in a certain way, to prevent escape villagers, reproduce too or lower the price of the material.

available on many platforms , you can download and install Minecraft free latest version for PC. Although there are also versions to download and install Minecraft for Android and iOS free.

How to craft a farm villagers in Minecraft?

crafting a farm for villagers we should use carrots or potatoes, because its result is fast; also we need:. glass, water, earth, working blocks, composter, desk, slab, posters, plates, beds, torches, trolley, rail or lane, propelled and villagers

First locate < strong> a place that is 70 blocks away of any village in the center of the ground water and put a trapdoor; After that we put farmland around the water in an area of ​​9×9 blocks on each side, for that we use land and a tool scythe or hoe.

We chose two sides of the area to put a floor 9×2 blocks, place that will house the beds of the villagers and arranged in groups of 2 seeing on the side of the pillows; then excavate to the exit area , so that we start with a 3×1 hole in the ground on the sides of the beds

 building blocks in Minecraft

in both trenches dig a 3 blocks deep; and connect to have an underground channel through which water will be and where the posters; in one of those two sides we will build off shipments to the surface. Also a second channel perpendicular water to the first of one block height (will cross at the end).

The idea of ​​underground channels, is to create a stream of water where the cargo will slide to the corner of the output. This will also prevent overcrowding; an important detail is to place a lamp at the end of the channels and before leaving the farm. Thus avoiding unwanted mobs that mess

We must put a composter in one of the zones delimited for the beds.; and on the other a worktable, above both objects we introduce a glass so that the villagers can not get in and out; now place the slabs or slabs a level above the holes which connect with underground channels and they put them trapdoors.

For the release of cargo is automatically will lanes propelled just after the intersection of the water channels, and then the normal lanes until they reach the destination (commercial farm or iron core); the trolley of course be the means of transport will move above the rails.

Now we will use glass or crystal, for that you should do or crafting various glasses in Minecraft. We will put around area of ​​arable land, and then install the crystals at a height of two blocks to enclose the farm.

In each corner, add 5 blocks additional vertically, to function as columns support the roof of the farm; so the villagers will not escape, nor will become witches being struck by lightning.

Finally we placed 2 villagers and fill your inventory of carrots or potatoes (only one type per farm ). Villagers will have children, and these moving everywhere fall into the trap doors; thus controlling the amount of villagers automatically.

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