Download Lucky Block Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Lucky Block Mod.

The Lucky Block mod is an exciting add-on to the Minecraft game. It will help in exploring deep into the different Minecraft realms. This mod will give you loads and loads of fun and thrilling experience as you go deeper and deeper into the game. This mod adds a new block to the game, but there are endless possibilities on offer for you through this single block. After a lucky block is broken, it has chances of spawning good as well as awful things. This adds to the excitement and challenges in this Minecraft game. The Lucky Block Mod is a neat and clean mod suited for multiplayer servers. It will also help in making game maps. Just mining the Lucky Block can spawn creatures, entities, animals, monsters, structures, etc. You can find more things than just items from this single block.

Why Lucky Block Mod is the best…

You can use this mode to search the deepest caves in the Minecraft world by journeying through dangerous and wild terrain. Harvesting the lucky block can provide you with good fortune. Every time you harvest a Lucky block, you are sure of hundreds of possibilities to spring up from traps to castles, diamonds to sticks and much more. This block guarantees you surprise every time. There are stunning combinations of items that you may come across when you use this mod.

The attractive features

The following are the features you get when you use the Lucky Block mod to play the Minecraft game. If you have plenty of gold with you, you can add luck to the Lucky Block. You need to create a block, repeat the recipe by placing every subsequent block with more gold till you get +100 Lucky Blocks. This way you will be able to increase the number of items that the block yields.

Features of drops

There are hundreds of new drops added to the Lucky Block mod. The drops are splitted up in bad and good drops. Some of the drops are as follows.

  • 8 Lucky Blocks temple.
  • Fishing rod with a bunch of different kinds of fish.
  • Villager riding on the top of a little stack of pigs.
  • Two Lucky Blocks, out of which one is lucky and the other is not. You need to choose it wisely.

Lucky Level’s features

The Lucky Block game gets different luck levels when put in a crafting table. The luck is displayed from zero to hundred as bars and higher the luck level, the luckier you will be with the Lucky Block. The interesting part is that the Lucky Block has luck levels that are negative from zero to -100. These levels will make the Lucky Block unlucky for you. In this mod you will come across three Lucky Blocks namely normal, 80 luck level or -80 luck level in the crafting inventory.

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