LotsOMobs Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use LotsOMobs Mod.

If you are looking for an ideal Minecraft mod that offers you plenty of mobs to play with, then there is no better option than the LotsOMobs mod. It is not just the mobs that you can add to your game. This mod also offers you a host of new items, blocks, weapons, etc., to make the Minecraft game even more alluring and addictive. All the characters that are brought forward to the game through the LotsOMobs mod looks more or less like the real life items, be it deer or penguin or elephants or lizards. There is no need to deal with just limited mobs offered in the default Minecraft game anymore once you download and install the LotsOMobs mod on your computer. Your world will look more colorful, entertaining and lively than before. This mod will help in giving a massive fillip to your existing dull Minecraft world and you will feel a new vigor and excitement about the game.

Many Kinds of Mobs

There are lots and lots of mobs that can be added to the Minecraft world using the LotsOMobs mod. The new mobs will be seen to be roaming around in different environments and biomes of the Minecraft world. There are aquatic as well as land mobs on offer and they will help in easily populating the Minecraft world. You can find prehistoric and present age dinosaur mobs.

Some of the other mob additions on offer through the LotsOMobs are: mammoths, snakes, fish, lions, birds, mammoths, etc. It is one of the best mobs that will help you to add monsters and animals in the Minecraft. You can easily match items, weapons, tools and armors as well as animals depending on the biomes. This mod will also offer new tools, items, weapons and blocks that will help you in dealing with the new mobs and surviving against them. The mod offers a great deal of fun for the players and will keep them glued on to the game for a long time.

Features of LotsOMobs

  • By killing the deer you get access to the deer fur. Use this to make the deer fur armor set. The deer horns dropped by the deers can be used to make deer sword.
  • The flint and the fossils offered can be used to light an ancient fire like they did during the Caveman era.
  • You can craft out amber spears and tools using the big bones dropped by the dinosaur.
  • The ivory dropped by elephants can be used to make a new ivory toolset that is better than the iron toolset. You need to first create the ivory blade to craft the ivory shovel and axe.
  • The fur of the mammoths and SaberTooth tigers can be used to make the suit for the Eskimos.
  • Most of the mobs offered in this LotsOMobs mod has meat and you can eat it raw or by cooking it. Some of them are: penguin, whale, lion, boar, camel, reptile, etc.
  • There are Savanna grass blocks in LotsOMobs on offer that look just like real dirt and are seen in the Savanna biome.
  • You get the portal blocks that you can use to head to the dimensions. They do not drop when it is broken.
  • There is Easter egg blocks located all over the Minecraft world. You need to collect them and hand them over to the Easter bunny to win a reward.
  • The Dino dimension will offer you Dino log blocks, leaves blocks, vine blocks and saplings.
  • There is a time machine on offer in this mod that will help you to travel in time.

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