John Smith Texture Pack

You would come across a lot of texture packs in many styles and types. While some might offer you a totally new gaming experience there are others that just offer some changes to the already popular default Minecraft textures. If you are looking for an out of the world experience when playing Minecraft, then you can make use of the John Smith texture pack to bring out a realistic looking medieval period texture of your computer screen. Yes, this pack offers you old era and simplistic medieval style textures to keep you immersed in the game for long. If you are bored playing the regular texture packs offered on Minecraft, then you can turn it into a medieval Minecraft world using the John smith texture pack that gives perfect detailing to all blocks and items.

Some facts about John Smith Texture Pack!

The John Smith texture pack is offered with 32×32 resolution and hence you will find the textures to be clear, distinct and with great detailing. Every texture, be it a building block or an armor, will look more realistic than ever before. The pack is designed to offer a Middle Age style theme on Minecraft to impress the diehard fans of the game. There is a greater degree of hard work put in by the texture creator and this has resulted in the best high quality texture pack for Minecraft. The pack changes almost everything of the default Minecraft pack and you get to use something new every time when you play the game. The contrast and style used in the block are simply top class and will make you feel as if you are in a real medieval period.

All the features…

  • John Smith offers something for every diehard fan of Minecraft.
  • There are many simple textures that are on offer in this pack to keep the interest of default pack lovers. Hence, the pack looks more casual and suited for all kinds of Minecraft addicts.
  • The brick, stone textures look very realistic with 3D effect. Constructing buildings and homes will be an enjoyable portion when one plays the Minecraft game.
  • The best part is the new sky effect that the creator has given to the game. This really takes the Minecraft game to a higher level.
  • All the items that are offered in the pack look a class apart. Players will love to make use of them at will.
  • There is a lot of effort given to creating a detailed texture pack and this makes the entire pack an attractive one.
  • John Smith Texture Pack gets more CTM support and the lighting of the pack is tweaked for better game experience.
  • The pack is highly customizable. This means that you can change some of the things that you do not like in the pack or make one of your own.

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