Invoking a Herobrine Minecraft on any platform Who is Herobrine?

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Since its inception in 2009 at the hands of Markus «Notch» Persson, Minecraft has become one of the best-selling video games of the world with a figure of 18 million copies, growing every day. Being a video game style «sandbox» or sandbox , offers the player action, adventure and unlimited world to explore. Invoking a Herobrine Minecraft on any platform Who is Herobrine ?

so much has been the popularity of this game, one of the giants of the computer world, Microsoft acquired Mojang, the company behind the game, for 2.5 billion dollars, and that has only enhanced its popularity a level where everyone, at some point, we have heard of him. For that reason gamers are always seeking to install the best version of Minecraft to play

But at the same time emerging urban legends on the network that generate ever more intriguing day.. The popular Herobrine Many users claim to have found this being in fog during his exploration of the world of Minecraft, however, Who is this?

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Who is Herobrine?

through the length and breadth of Internet there are multiple theories of who this mythical character in the world of Minecraft, however, the theory most widely accepted by fans of the game is that it is the younger brother died of Notch, one of the main characters of this game.

this theory arose from a post in a forum dedicated to the game, by a user who claimed to have seen Herobrine by a story where the following saying to the start a new game in the creative mode, was cutting down trees to make a workbench

At one point, he saw something moving through the fog, and since. for technical reasons was using the minimum viewing distance, he thought it was a cow, so she pursued with a view to get leather to make armor, but at the catch, realized he was an avatar. < p> her Original skin of the game , but what is striking is that your eyes were white and without a visible username as those in the multiplayer mode, in which said twice that he was not playing in that mode, then the mysterious disappeared without a trace, apparently.

While playing, he was aware of things out of place, and They could not possibly have been created by the engine of the game, like tunnels 2×2, leafless trees and even perfect pyramids s made of sand in the middle of the sea; Such was his curiosity that had to go to forums to see if anyone else had experienced.

But found no issues respect, so he decided to create one that was deleted after five minutes, several times. Then he received a message from «Herobrine» that only said «Detente» wanting to review the profile, threw 404; after a while, and investigated with others who claimed to have experienced the same.

found that Herobrine was the username of a Swedish player , but curiosity was still there, so I investigated and he found that Notch was the brother, who, communicating with said indeed had a brother, but had unfortunately died; a pretty creepy story.

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How invoke Herobrine

If you want to know this character, you must enter the Creative Mode choose a new game and select «D11» in the text box to select the seed of the new world

Now, you find an island of sand, you should flatten to place instruments invocation. a lighter, 8 stones from the Nether, stones mossy, 16 torches Redstone, a turntable and the disc 11.

you must do it this way, once you’re flattening the ground, placed the mossy stone on the floor of the island and surrounded with stones of the Nether a measure of 3×3 .

Place jukebox on the mossy stone, surrounding stones of the Nether with torches, then with the catches fire cigarette lighter stones of the Nether.

Entr at the command prompt and type / gamemode0 , which will generate a striking change in the weather, and now you get to tour the island looking for changes on stage. To find Herobrine, go to the coastal area near the volcano, and safe to llevarás more of a surprise.

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