How trollear your friends in Minecraft – Minecraft Make Epic trolling (Example)

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Minecraft is a game that has been present in the market since May 17, 2009 and since then has had great success in the world. Follow playing young and old , having fun gathering materials, building houses and all kinds of things. It even lets you trollear. What is it? and How trollear your friends in Minecraft? We explain all How trollear your friends in Minecraft -. Make trolling Épicos in Miencraft

What is trollear in Minecraft

The term trollear?. Is a verb widely used in Internet slang, derived from the word troll. It is the way to describe the people who like to make jokes to others. In most cases taking advantage of ignorance or innocence of the victim, on an issue or situation.

Minecraft is a free game and everyone is free to do what you like best. It includes tease your friends from time to time. The type and quality of the trolleo depend on your imagination a lot. Sometimes, trolling often traps you build for your friends, or mods altered objects.

What do I need things to trollear my friends? < p> the first thing you need is know well the properties of all materials and items available in Minecraft, so think of a good trap; things like blocks of magma, dynamite, obsidian, crystal the end, puffers, scaffolding, trapdoors and even creepers are materials with which we can make fun traps

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we can also use mods unofficial they provide us additional objects, which are ideal for making your jokes even more unexpected by the victim; There are mods that include fans, kebabs, lighters, bear traps, magnetic chests or false floor. That yes !, before installing the mod in Minecraft which will have to check with compatible version.

You can download a couple of those mods to enhance your traps in the following addresses we present below:

  • < / li>

    How do trolling epics your friends?

    you can play a joke on your friends, hiding blocks magma under a carpet ( this will not burn, hidden lava and falls with the weight of the victim), an ideal trolleo to put it inside a house.

     inner stage of minecraft

    Another way you can trollear friends in Minecraft is at the entrance of the house of your friend, destroy the block to the side (at the floor) and you break one down, in that hole put a blowfish and again filled up the block with the same material; when your friend through the door, it will scare the fish, and it will inflate using their venom.

    A classic

    A trolleo classic is dig (20 blocks deep) < / strong>, in an area where you know you will your friend, then pick up a scaffold to the level of the ground and from the latter scaffold build on the sides to fill the entire gap and above cover it all with the same material the I usually; wait for your friend from below and when it happens, break the scaffold!

    You can put a bomb book , breaking a block of the floor and putting a combined dynamite with Redstone, then put a lectern above carefully and write a book (no place), with a message to keep your victim a second stop at the lectern; Dynamite will be activated and will leave a nice crater in the area.

    But this trolleo is the most epic, because can blow up your friend’s house , for that you need a crystal of the end (made with crystals, eye of the end and a tear of ghast), you put in the center of the house, place a obsidian and above the glass the end, break carefully basis for said glass float around; when your friend is near, it will explode

    You have unlimited possibilities of construction, either with normal materials or added a mod, and you know how trollear friends in Minecraft.; advantage continues to play and gain experience, The important thing is to know how to have fun without overdoing too with jokes, and thus maintaining your friendships over time.

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