How to Zoom in Minecraft to see things close Very Easy! (Example)

how to zoom in Minecraft easy and fast

Minecraft is a game very popular among young construction. Here you can create a world your way with an achievement system, ie different goals. In addition, the game focuses on the destruction and placing blocks . And like all games; we always want to see everything more closely so; can now zoom in Minecraft. How to Zoom in Minecraft to see things close Very easy!

On the other hand, you can play so online or you can download it in your computer, laptop, tablet and phone. If you’re a fan of this amazing virtual world, surely you ever wondered how you can zoom in Minecraft; And, this feature is very necessary to have a better development. Well, in this post we will explain in a step by step how to do it.

Download the mods to zoom in Minecraft

Minecraft allows players to create farms or environments different ways. These blocks can find different elements such as minerals, logs, rocks and you can transport them from one place to another . In fact, these different materials found in villages, sea temples or pyramids, require exploration or break the blocks.

To do this, you’ll need zoom , to a perfect excavation of different materials. Unfortunately, the zoom does not come into play. Here it is when we install a mod; Minecraft mods there are many types. So you wonder what are the best mods you can download and install on Minecraft

There are mods for all kinds of things?.; from mods to troll your friends and make epic trolling in Minecraft, to more complex mods to have Minecraft 4K or Super Minecraft.

But to activate the zoom, you must download the mod OptiFine. to this must go to different forums Minecraft and look for Minecraft modes. Next, access the link download (download) and download the file extension. We also need to download zip

another application call Magic Launcher This equally find Minecraft forums..; Then choose a suitable installer for your computer. Note that if you possess the Forge installed, will not achieve download the Magic Launcher; you can only install the mod, using the method Forge.

downloading step mods to zoom in Minecraft

Setting the folder mods

After download mods, Minecraft folder opens. To do this, you have to find and access the .minecraft folder on the following path C: Users (USER) AppData Roaming minecraft. If you difficult to find the folder, go to Home or Windows and in the search bar type Minecraft and Click.

Then, go to the properties and select for open location. Next, you must create a new folder to place the mods and colócale the name you want. Then paste the .zip file you downloaded above, in conjunction with the mod OptiFine.

Finally, configure and run Magic Launcher . To do this, Magic Launcher runs on the .exe file and find there the screen, which is the principal. Click on the Setup button and the button New , and colócale name Minecraft OptiFine .

After , you give click OK. Then in button Add, Click; This you can find it in the configuration window. Then in the folder you created for the mod, click on Open select the checkbox to the side of the option OptiFine, Click on OK and ready.

Enter the game Minecraft to zoom

 in the game of Minecraft as zoom

Enter to play Minecraft and starts game as usual and start playing. To zoom simply you have to press the Ctrl key and this way you can zoom when needed. In the press, we will notice how active the Zoom in the game.

Now, every time we see something close to Minecraft, just pressed the button and zoom is activated, easy. Notably, the same procedures can so you can install any of the other mods, using Magic Launcher.

If you liked this information was helpful, share it with your family and friends. And let us know what you think this trick to Minecraft.

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