How to Uninstall, Delete and Delete Minecraft Forever? (Example)

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If you’re tired of playing or want to uninstall Minecraft forever your device for other reasons, there are a number of steps you have to follow according to the operating system you have. How to uninstall, Delete and Delete Minecraft forever

steps to uninstall Minecraft forever in Windows

Getting rid of this game on your computer with Windows simple , in fact, you will see step by step how to achieve it.

Backup (optional) < / h3>

If you want to uninstall Minecraft forever a computer but want to save your game, the first thing you should do is back up. To do this, you press the «Win + R » key to open the executor of the system, where you must type the command «% AppData%» pressing «Enter».

then open the appropriate folder for the game, called «. minecraft» and makes a copy of the «Saves» you need to paste in a different location. When you want to reuse just have to place it on the new computer.

Uninstall regularly

One of the first things you can do is try to uninstall Minecraft forever just like would with another application. Open the «Start» your PC so you can locate and access the «Control Panel», then go to the section «Programs and features « or » Uninstall programs « as your case.

In the list that emerge must place the Minecraft and then to about «Uninstall» and follow the steps to get it.

 delete folders

Get rid of all files!

in order to complete the process of removing all files Minecraft you must open the panel again «Run» via the menu «Start» or by pressing « Win + R «.

Now type «% AppData%» and click «Enter» to the folder called «Roaming» to open in the same’ll have to locate l a folder «. minecraft» and take it to the «Recycle Bin» or give the second button of the mouse and click on «Delete».

uninstall Minecraft Mac

if you have a Mac, you’ll need to perform another procedure to uninstall Minecraft forever it.

The Finder < / h3>

Go to the «Finder» from your device and press the «Command + Shift + G » to pop up the corresponding window to the « go to folder. « Now you have to enter the following: » ~ / Library / Application Support / « and press the » enter «key on the keyboard or take on the «Go».

make backup

This is the time to copy security if you want, for it will have to open from the previous step the «Minecraft» and make a duplicate of the e lemento «Saves» said last folder you must save it to another location.

Eliminates Minecraft

After you save your game, and you can delete the folder from the game, you can do by right clicking your mouse and choosing «Delete» or by dragging the item to the «Trash».

I want to remove Linux

in order to completely remove Minecraft from a Linux computer is very simple, in fact, very few steps

 folders woman


Do you want to save your game? Before deleting the entire program be sure to create a duplicate security, but this is optional.

Enter to the « File Manager » and go to the following address » /home/username/.minecraft « of course you must replace the word » username « with the alias of the user of the Linux continues copying the folder called » Saves « in a different location.

Use the Terminal

the next step is to open the «Terminal» and if you want to save some steps, just press the keys « Ctrl + Alt + T » because this is the command assigned to it. After’ll emerge the window to enter this code « -VR rm ~ / .minecraft / * » and press «Enter» to continue the procedure.

it is possible that it is the system asks you to enter your password or administrator to advance, because with the written command all about the Minecraft will be removed, so you should put it to finish.

If sometime change your mind and strange adventure world Minecraft not hesitate to return to reinstall it. Before doing so remember to make sure your device has the required characteristics for the game to work properly and without causing problems.

If you want to try something new in the world of Minecraft download versions of the game there are any , or try the new method that is gaining popularity is quite Minecraft Pocket.

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