How To Texture Pack for Minecraft – Minecraft Texture Pack (Example)

make a texture pack for Minecraft

Minecraft, as to the other games, allow your community to make changes within the system , in order to improve their gaming experience. An example of this is the possibility of a pack of textures, so that each object you use have a personal touch.

For users who often enter Minecraft daily, know they have the availability to download . the texture packs other users from Internet How to texture Pack for Minecraft – Minecraft texture Pack

This is useful because the process is easy to design one at each object that makes up the interface of the game, besides having very low weight, it is just a folder with a set of images.

However, there are also those who prefer to devote themselves to making a texture pack on its own, as it gives them the power to give it a personal touch and personality .

do this is really simple, so today this article will consist of indications necessary to achieve it.

What should you consider before making a Texture Pack for Minecraft?

When referring to the package of textures, we are talking about the look that will have each of the objects that make up the game. This includes the size, color and shape that will look inside the simulation, but not the appearance or skin of the player.

Currently many players choose to make these edits, and the like to publish your contained within internet networks.

before make a texture pack for Minecraft

This is because facilitates the creation and customization of buildings , thus being able to improve things, such as tools used daily .

on the other hand, it is necessary to know the quality of image that offers itself Minecraft. By this we refer to the resolution of the game, since today many are set from 800×400 up to 4K.

Unlike other games, Minecraft is a special case because its image and objects are a resolution of 16×16 , giving the characteristic appearance.

the purpose of mentioning this is to emphasize that the time for a pack of textures, the resolution of the design must be created with these dimensions, so that no errors occur during reading within the game.

once mentioned this, only enough to get to work . and let your imagination to create the most interesting designs for your character

How to make a pack of textures from scratch

 make a pack of textures from scratch

Perform a package to improve image of the elements of your game is very simple, just simply follow the steps at the foot of the letter.

Remove the folder textures

A the same as any other program, Minecraft is stored in a folder on your computer, usually on the hard disk. What you should do is access to that file , find the version you use in the game and open it from a compressor software.

Inside the window of the program (preferably WinRAR), you can see a folder named «Textures» which must draw where prefer.

Start designing

we have reached the most important step within this article. To make a pack of textures you use a software called

  • Once downloaded and installed, just need to open it and set the dimensions mentioned above (16×16) to begin designing.
  • Since the table will be very small, we recommend zoom and eraser leave the bottom of the transparent sheet.
  • from this point only need to take the tool «Pencil» and start customizing each of the items you use in the game to your liking.
  • if you wish to skip the step of creating from scratch each instrument of Minecraft, you can open each image in «Textures» in the program and simply changing their appearance.
  • Finally, you only need to copy each of the images in the folder and replace the existing one in the version of Minecraft you use.

    Clearly, it’s easy, fast and easy to create your own pack, so you invi tamos try and have fun customizing your content. Now you’re ready to start a game with your friends.

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