How to tell which version of Minecraft I am and how I change or update (Example)

Minecraft version

Generally, Minecraft is updated automatically. However, when this process is suspended, you can not access the latest versions and application enhancements. If you ever wondered How to tell which version of Minecraft have and how I can change or update In this article you will find an effective solution. How to know which version of Minecraft I and how do I change or update

is it worth playing Minecraft?

currently, Minecraft is a very important attraction in the video game industry. The idea of ​​its creator Markus Persson was established and evolved so that today it is considered that Minecraft is part of the entertainment of millions of children, adolescents and youth.

Minecraft appeal lies in the free development of ideas and creating worlds in a universe based on blocks. Players are motivated to exploit their own creativity through the platform.

Do you need to update Minecraft?

If you are part of the vast number of players Minecraft, you should know that to access the new features (animals to train, monsters, etc.) is essential to run updates.

updates Minecraft let you know the news developed by Mojang to access to play with a higher level of stability, thus avoiding any inconvenience during application execution especially when using cross-platform play Minecraft.

 Minecraft game

How to tell which version of Minecraft have and how do I change or update

in order to update your version of Minecraft it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects such as the current version in which you play and the type of platform either a PC (Windows or Mac) or any mobile device (Android or IOS).

Here, we present you the information you need to know the version of Minecraft you have on your computer and the steps you must follow in order to update this game.

know the version of Minecraft’s on your PC or mobile device

for the version of Minecraft’s on your PC or mobile device should download and install Minecraft on your PC. To do so, go to the official website of Minecraft. Once you install the application and enter the same, look at the top left of the interface or the menu of the main screen. There, you will find a number that corresponds to the version you are running your device.

Another way to quickly access the version of Minecraft is to press the «F3» key once you’re inside the game. Know the version of Minecraft lets you monitor automatic application updates. If you are not being implemented properly or have been suspended, you need to perform a manual download.

 version of Minecraft

Upgrade or change the Windows version of Minecraft

to update Minecraft in Windows, you must access the game and select the «Settings» option. In the section on the left of the interface locates the «General» tab and click «Profile».

A new menu will appear where you must find and mark the checkbox «Automatically update packs unlocked» . Thus, the application performs the update of the game without any problems.

Upgrade or change the version of Minecraft for Mac

If you have a Mac, you must access the start menu Minecraft and press the arrow is right on the side of the segment showing the current version of the game.

a new menu where you select «Latest version» or «Latest version» . Immediately begin the process of downloading the latest version of Minecraft and then the installation will be activated on your computer.

Upgrade or change the version of Minecraft on Android

If you play Minecraft on an Android device, you can upgrade accessing Google Play . Pressing the menu (three stripes) and «My apps and games». Then press the «Minecraft» option. If a new version is available, you’ll see the «Update» option. Press this button to update the game manually.

Upgrade or change the version of Minecraft on iOS

The process of updating Minecraft on an iOS device is very similar to the one continues on the Android platform. In this case, you access the App Store and search for «Minecraft» . Then click «Refresh» and when the download is complete, press the «Open» button.

And so you know the version of Minecraft and update very easily on the various existing devices.

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