How to tame and tame a dragon in Minecraft Very easy! (Example)

domesticate a dragon in minecraft

Something that certainly some attracts all lovers of the Minecraft are dragons, and surely you will want to experience have yours and tame. we know from experience that are restless by nature, for that reason show you how to domesticate and taming a dragon in Minecraft very easily. How domesticate and tame a dragon in Minecraft very Easy!

How to tame a dragon in Minecraft?

one thing to keep in mind is we’ll use commands to start our domestication. If you can domesticate and tame your dragon in Minecraft. It really is not difficult, you just have to identify a place where dwell those where you want beings or arriving.

Now, you must place 3 commands in a row blocks and then find a place where you want your dragon stay. At the behoove you must return to your block and enter the command «spawnpoint» entering the coordinates (6, 82.17).

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the same will serve to put the first command in one of the blocks. At the entering put this code . Tp @e [type = ender_dragon] June 82 17 Then place the block repeat and always active

In the second block will place the following code: tp @e [type = horse] June 84 17, mounting him two coordinates 82. And finally in the third must enter the following code:

«effect @e [type = horse] Invisibility 25000 true». Now place the command to summon How? Thus: / summon ender_dragón to the place it automatically your dragon who requested appear in

Now you need a horse, for it takes the sword of the horse and put in the last block . In doing so it will teleport your dragon becoming invisible, allowing you to tame it and ride it.

How to tame a dragon without command?

If you want to have a loyal pet and raise a dragon this step step is for you. First you create a portal that will end the dragon, and you have to defeat him. At the kill will give you an egg.

But How encubarlos? For placing on a site and activate the Dragon Mounts Mod by double clicking and egg start incubated for 10 min . Then you go out and to train have to give fish to turn it into an enabling adult saddle and ride.

Why Minecraft is so popular?

Simply because it enables who plays make a creative world fantasy to your liking, and best of all is that you enjoy adventure, action and entertainment on any device that is available on Android, iOS, PC, consoles videos and many other earning the heart of who plays in a short time.

If you started in the world of Minecraft recently, you’ve joined one of the largest gaming community. At the start you recommend experience begin a world of flora and fauna to this you can plant trees and grow them as if in a desert is more difficult to start. The basic thing you have to start your construction is wood.

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Just cut the trees must click on hand giving the tree. And the place in your inventory will have wooden planks or sticks, desk, etc. What will help you get other items required for the construction and stone abriéndote the possibility of new construction.

Advantages of playing Minecraft

  1. you will relax, to the building and start new’ll worlds develop your creativity to the maximum.
  2. you will develop your ability to think goods discover and manage them properly.
  3. you’ll grow the more progress, you it’ll be the way to open your victory.

    Minecraft is a game highly recommended to encourage creativity and play with friends sharing the same world. We hope you can make all your objectives and that the information provided today is of much use, be sure to discuss your experience to taking the dragon or if you are a beginner started in this wonderful world. We wish you every success.

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