How to Survive the onslaught of looters in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a very versatile game, where each player can choose how you want to play. While some are dedicated to building great things, and others planting, some are engaged in combat. Today we show How to survive the onslaught of looters in Minecraft. Surviving the onslaught of looters in Minecraft

What are the assaults

take a while playing the latest version of Minecraft chances are you’ve encountered the Illagers (Maldeanos, in Spanish). The Illagers are monsters like the villagers, but very aggressive (Hence the name maldeano).

The most common type of maldeano is plunderer , a monster who uses crossbows for attack their enemies. They travel in groups with a leader who carries a flag over your head.

A killing one of these leaders, the game gives you the effect «foreboding» by a week, time of the game. If you have that effect and you enter a village, play will generate an assault against the village.

An assault is a group maldeanos , including the devastating; and some witches. The maldeanos try to kill all the villagers in the village, and the assault will not end until they have achieved, or until they are defeated.

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How to survive an assault < p> If you’re reading this article because you’re in the middle of an assault, do not worry, we explain how to survive. Also, if you read on you will see that there are some advantages in creating assaults on purpose to defeat them.

If you’re in an assault

If an assault you grabbed off guard while you were in a village, there are some things you can do. Could try to fight looters, but unless you have good weapons, enough food and a bed nearby, chances are you’re going to lose.

Note that the assault will not stop until all the villagers are dead, and looters can open doors to enter the houses. So to save the village, you can cover the entrance to a house with stone blocks to prevent looters from entering.

If only survive want, you can exit running of the village. Looters are not interested in you, but in the village, so if you get away from there, they’ll leave you alone.

To defeat an assault

The assailants have a good chance of drop valuables when they die. In addition, you defeat an assault becomes the «Hero of the Village ‘and the villagers will give you gifts and discounts on their offers.

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To defeat an assault, is vital preparation . There are some points to keep in mind long before you start thinking about beating looters.

  • Protect enclosing villagers in their homes
  • You crafting a sword diamond or iron, it is better if it is haunted.
  • bow and arrows.
  • Frame full of diamond or iron, it is better if it is haunted.
  • need a shield. Looters use leaf springs.
  • Food and optionally potions.

    is also recommended milk, which removes all effect s (As hunger or poison). If you are using potions, you can use honey to remove the poison without removing the positive effects of potions.

    It is vital to have a bed in the village or near it. That way, if you die, you go quickly without risking to villagers lose or lose your stuff.

    Before the assault, should do some traps to set them around the village and so you can protect it. Once you start the assault, it all boils down to how well you prepare.

    Just begin the assault, rings the bell . This makes the assailants glow in the dark, and see through walls. Your goal is to kill as quickly as possible.

    Your priority should be witches because they heal others, and their venom not stop shields or armor. Then focus on the devastating, as they cause much damage

    Evocative create monsters able to walk through walls, so they can kill villagers if they are protected.; should finish them early.

    play minecraft < / p>

    once you’ve defended the village, the villagers will be grateful and give you gifts, and for a while will give you discounts. Take advantage of these opportunities, The villagers are amazing creatures!

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