How to survive in Minecraft – Survival Manual

Minecraft Survival Guide

When we play Minecraft, besides exploring and building what we want, one of the main objectives is to survive despite the dangers we face.

And while this may sound a bit difficult if you are new to the game actually we can all do if we are certain steps. If you want to find out what, then read on, because in this article we show how to survive in Minecraft How to survive in Minecraft. – Survival Manual

It is true that there are many dangers and difficulties we encounter for the first time playing Minecraft, but with enough practice and knowledge, it is possible that you become a whole surviving. With the Manual survival and the advice you give then you’ll get great results playing.

How to survive in Minecraft?

Both the real life as in any game, the survive in the open can be complicated or even impossible if we have not the slightest idea how to do. Minecraft is no exception; but if we have the basics and follow the correct advice, there is no doubt that we will be able to survive, not just one night, but long .

 How to survive in Minecraft

Of course, you have to know where to find these tips so you know what to do in different situations we introduced to the play. If you do not like so much to have to be careful, you can change easily creative survival mode. Otherwise, you will not regret reading further and implement the survival tips you give below.

What to do to survive?

As each player is totally different, there are several ways in which we can find the way out and survive the dangers that we all face on the first night playing Minecraft. But although all this is true, something that everyone is going to help is to be quick, as the night approaches and mobs as well.

First of all, we must start cutting down wood so we can make a worktable or crafting, which will create you the basic tools and objects that you need to survive in this world. You must keep in mind that in creating the world, you’ll find yourself all alone without tools, so it is vital to start creating everything you can.

Once you have enough wood, make a worktable and begins to create . Start with the basics: a pick, an ax and a sword; these will help you overcome the first day and get the resources you need. When you’ve done that, you can start looking for food, maybe hunting animals or looking apples, pumpkins or watermelons.

Of course, you should cook meat you get, so it’s time to go to undermine . Look for the nearest mine, since the most common is you meet with, or start dig down .

eye But very careful with losing out, and this can pose a great danger to your life in the game. With the materials you get, you can make a stone oven and even put fuel coal.

In addition, if you find stone, iron or if you’re lucky and gold get and other minerals (perhaps even diamond), can make better tools. . A look you’ve done all this, it is best that look for a safe haven

The same you can do with the material you prefer, even in a cave; if you are protected and away from monsters like zombies, creepers or skeletons, you’ll be fine.

 shelter in Minecraft

Now, if you are a brave soul want to go to battle with these, then you must be well prepared. Ponte armor, go with a sword and fight with value , because if you win, you will find valuable resources that will help you survive better.

In short, to survive Minecraft is necessary to follow the advice we gave you today. And if you want a lot more help, you can see the many tutorials out there on YouTube.

Although there is a completely accurate guide as survive in this game , if we can have an idea of ​​how with tips like these. We encourage you, if you want to be an expert player, follow learning more. And if you get bored of playing alone, creates a shared world to play with your best friends. Sure is a lot fun!

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